Walmart Taps Boyer’s Coffee Family Owned Colorado Altitude Roasted

Walmart Taps Boyer’s Coffee Family Owned Colorado Altitude RoastedBoyer’s Coffee, a longtime family-owned, boutique coffee roaster, who was recently tapped by the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, to help it enter the “third wave of coffee” (a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity) by creating a new product exclusive to its stores, as part of the retailer’s ongoing strategy to attract new and more affluent customer segments.
  • Boyer’s Coffee debuts new Mash-Up Coffee™, a line of organic, Specialty Grade coffees they created in an exclusive partnership with Walmart and launches this month in 1,400 stores nationwide
  • Boyer’s has been roasting at Colorado altitude since 1965, from a restored 1920s schoolhouse in North Denver, which also holds the brand’s only coffee shop.
  • Walmart executives flew to Colorado to meet with the Barrows, a result of their longstanding success as a regional store product supplier, and asked them to tour them around Boyers’ own roastery, as well as several other trendsetting roasteries in town, to teach them what they needed to know to compete with the likes of Whole Foods/Amazon, etc. 
  • Boyer’s employs about 65 people, and is primarily distributed to local restaurants and businesses, as well as about 700 retail outlets (Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, etc.), primarily in the mountain west area. 
Walmart Taps Boyer’s Coffee Family Owned Colorado Altitude RoastedWhy the need for Mash-Up? 
Believing that coffee is a craft for all to understand, experience and enjoy, Mash-Up was created to go beyond traditional grocery store coffees to offer consumers an exceptionally high-quality product, in conjunction with a “barista in a bag” experience. Coffee drinkers are able to utilize their smartphone cameras and a QR code located on the product packaging to go directly to consumer-friendly resources, including a “seed-to-cup” educational course showcasing the growing, roasting and brewing processes; the suggested brewing methods for optimum flavor profiles (including French press, pour over and drip); food pairing recommendations; recipes; information about the beans and their flavors; and more. 
Mash-Up Coffee is the purposeful pairing of two single origin beans—with origins spanning Sumatra, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras and Colombia—to create singular coffee fusions that elevate the unique flavor profiles of each. Only Specialty Grade, 100 percent Arabica beans from the world’s select growing regions are sourced. They are freshly roasted in high-altitude, low-humidity Colorado air to create smooth, fresh and mellow coffees, using Boyer’s iconic classic roasters—a 1915 Burns “Jubilee,” and a 1944 Burns “Thermalo”—in combination with modern techniques. 
Exclusively available at an SRP of $6.98 per retail bag in Walmart stores, as well as at and Walmart owned