waterdrop® presents the LUCY® smart cap, an innovative tech launch to encourage the world to DRINK MORE WATER!

Known for encouraging people to drink more water with its microdrinks and sustainable accessories, the
Austrian brand is determined to position itself as the global hydration specialist by entering the filtration
industry an exclusive product designed to provide everybody with a safe hydration solution. The LUCY®
cap will be available from June 30th on www.waterdrop.com and at waterdrop® retail locations.

LUCY®, a new step toward a more sustainable & healthy lifestyle.
In the United States alone, 43% percent of adults drink less than four cups of water a day. That includes
36% who drink one to three cups, and 7% who drink no water.
Determined to encourage water consumption while reducing the use of plastic, waterdrop® decided to created a new product category called LUCY® in order to provide everybody – at home, at the office or on the go – with a safe and sustainable filtration system.

LUCY® smart cap
“Clean, track and remind” are the main features proposed by LUCY®, the new smart cap by waterdrop. This connected cap was developed to make the hydration experience even more unique. Thanks to its UV-C technology it’s now possible to filter water on the go and drink clean water directly at the point of
consumption. LUCY® can be used on every waterdrop® bottle.

● UV-C filtration system
Effectively cleans your water with a powerful UV-C sensor
● Tracks your daily hydration rate
Automatically tracks daily hydration progress in tandem with the waterdrop® Hydration App
● Reminds you to drink
Sends light signals as drinking reminder and thereby helps to reach your daily hydration target

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/data-statistics/plain-water-the-healthier-choice.html#:~:text=During%202015%E2%80%932018%2C%20US%20children,an%20average%20of%2044%20ounces.

The LUCY® UV-C purification function deactivates up to 100% of potential contaminants in drinking water. The water is purified, without the use of any chemicals, and your bottle remains clean and odorless. UV disinfection is a reliable and harmless way of deactivating all kinds of viruses, bacteria and germs.

Improve your hydration level by connecting LUCY® smart cap with the waterdrop® Hydration App
LUCY® tracks drinking progress on the device automatically, and it regularly synchronizes all the data with the waterdrop® Hydration App. No extra action is needed but the app offers many possibilities.
“Tap water is an excellent alternative: it is available everywhere at all times and does not require transport or plastic. Our platform is based on the concept of decentralized (filtered) water, and our customers will enjoy the taste and functionality they desire – at point of consumption. Our approach is
to actively develop ecological solutions to promote responsible consumption of tap water: it is a safe, economical and sustainable source of drinking water.” says Martin Murray, CEO & co-founder of the company.

Improving your well-being & protecting our planet is now as easy as a sip of water!

Price : $129.00

About waterdrop® waterdrop®’s vision is to become the world‘s leading hydration brand empowering all people to live healthier and more sustainable lives, it’s all about DRINKING MORE WATER!
waterdrop® is revolutionizing the beverage industry with the world’s first ‘microdrink’: a compact sugar-free cube that dissolves in water and enriches it with natural fruits, plants and vitamins. waterdrop® microdrinks significantly reduce plastic use and CO2 emissions by using 98% less plastic compared to traditional bottled drinks, through the individual recyclable packaging of each cube. The plastic contained in a single cap of a traditional bottle is equivalent to 10 microdrinks.

Passion & purpose – In partnership with Plastic Bank, waterdrop® pledges to collect one plastic bottle for every 12-pack sold, meaning consumers can not only drink more sustainably, but they can also support waterdrop’s cause for a better future for the environment.

After only 5 years, the Austrian company has grown to more than 1 million online customers, currently has over 250 employees, is listed in more than 10,000 retail outlets, operates more than 20 own stores between Europe and the USA and is developing through drinktech, drinkware and filtration systems to provide its customers with a complete hydration ecosystem. More information available on www.waterdrop.com

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