We Give You An Introduction To Bartending

We Give You An Introduction To BartendingSetting up your own bar is actually quite easy to do.  There are however, a few things that good bartenders need to know to run a bar efficiently.  In order for a bar to succeed, you’ll need to have the basic wines, liquors, and spirits – along with the right equipment.  Although these things are essential, bartenders also need the proper technique for mixing drinks and cocktails as well.

With bartending, the location of the bar is very important.  The bar should be placed in an area that is easy to reach and provides plenty of space behind it.  There should be plenty of room for glasses and drinks, along with a chair or two as well.  The bartender has to learn the area behind the bar, and know everything about it.  Bartenders need to know their area well – and how to perform their mixing duties when business heats up.

Another job bartenders have is knowing their drinks.  Bartenders are responsible for serving and mixing drinks, which is a wide variety to say the least.  It can be nearly impossible to know every possible drink mixture, why is why most bartenders use mixing lists hidden under the bar to help them know what goes in each drink.  

Bartenders don’t have a lot of time to mix drinks, which makes it nearly impossible to read each and every label.  To help with this dilemma, you can always arrange your alcohol and drinks a certain way, to ensure that you know where everything is.  This way, when business picks up and you find yourself short on time – you’ll know where everything is.

To become a successful bartender, or mixologist, it takes years of practice.  There are several styles of bartending as well, including the well known and very impressive flair style.  Flair bartending involves very impressive techniques and tricks, which will leave customers truly amazed.  Flair is the hardest style of bartending to perfect, taking years and years of practice.  Flair bartenders all around the world will tell you that flair brings the most crowds – although it can also cost a lot of money in broken bottles along the way!

Each and every bar should also have the basic spirits, such as Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and Gin.  There should be also be fruit juices on hand as well, such as lemon juice, orange juice, and even pineapple juice.  Almost all mixed drinks require juice, such as screwdrivers – which require both Vodka and orange juice.  Mixed drinks are very popular, making it essential for the bartender to be a good mixologist – and have the right materials on hand at all times.

A lot of drinks that bartenders mix will require special gadgets such as shakers, measuring cups, rinsing bowls, and straws.  Shakers are the most commonly used gadget, as they are essential for mixing alcohol.  Bartenders will also need to keep cloth on hand as well, to quickly clean up spills and wipe down the mixing area from time to time.

As a career, bartending can provide you with a lot of money.  If you go to college and learn the techniques required for bartending, you can make more money than you ever thought possible.  The job is high paying, a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new people.  There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer bartendingWe Give You An Introduction To Bartending, or you can study online.  No matter which way you go – bartending will be a lot of fun and will take you far in life as an exciting career.