What Are Michelin Star Restaurants?

If you are a fine dining enthusiast, then you must have already heard of Michelin Star. It is the hallmark of ultimate culinary excellence. It is given to all premium eateries that excel in every aspect of satisfying their patrons. The best ones in the industry are given one, two, or three stars and this certification is coveted by renowned chefs around the world.


Apart from great food, restaurant owners also need to think about the ambiance and the overall experience offered, to secure great ratings from their patrons. For instance, to beautify the appearance of the eateries, they might choose unique wide window treatments, or choose to emphasis certain cultural aspects of their décor.

But talking about Michelin stars, the rating is not based on the customer reviews but the reviews given by the undercover Michelin inspector. They come to your restaurant to taste the food and beverage as any ordinary customer and then give their reviews based on the overall experience. They do have expertise in various foods, culinary techniques, etc. They possess good attention to detail and they can easily blend in with other customers.


How are Michelin Stars awarded?

The judging criteria for getting the certification are the same for each restaurant. The inspectors focus on the ingredients, cooking techniques, and most importantly the taste of the food on the menu and sides.


Restaurant owners are not told about the visit of the inspecting authorities. They will check on the standard of the restaurant anonymously, and see if the given eateries meet the standard of a Michelin star. There is a complete guide that restaurants can follow to get Michelin stars. It is a time-specific award and can be taken back if the given eatery does not meet the standards. They can gain the stars back if they work on the taste of their cuisines and follow the guidelines ardently.


How many stars can be awarded?

As mentioned earlier, eateries can get either one, two, or three Michelin stars. One Michelin might be considered as the lowest award but it still has a high accolade. The two eateries are better, of course, and they are successful in providing good quality food constantly. Some of the two Michelin stars restaurants are the best in the world and are owned by renowned chefs. These establishments are known to provide a fine dining experience, and might also have a long list of reservations. The final one is three Michelin stars which are awarded only to the best eateries. It is the highest batch of achievement, and rarely any restaurant gets this honor. These restaurants offer the ultimate fine dining experience and are run by top chefs who are recognized worldwide.


Any restaurant that has Michelin stars in its vanity should be given a notable mention. They are experts in creating a world-class culinary experience and give the best services to their clients. Only a very few restaurants can create this world-class experience, so this certification of honor is quite rare.