What Are The Best Dog Food Brands for Senior Dogs?

As a dog owner you probably already know about the importance of choosing a high-quality food pack with the necessary nutrients for your dog. However, you should also know that if your dog has live more than half of her/his life, it is time to transition to senior dog food.

A senior dog needs to be fed with food that is balanced with the right nutrients in order to give them the right amount of calories to remain active, avoid chronic health problems and live longer.

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Required Nutrients for Senior Dog

There are different brands of food that cost from $20 to more than $50. The reason for this astronomical difference in terms of price has a lot to do with the quality of ingredients.

Some dog manufacturers make dog food packed with filler like wheat, corn, and meat or vegetable by-products just so they can have a lower price.

Ingredients to look for in dog food:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Powerful antioxidant that fights cancer
  • Other antioxidants – To help your senior dog avoid cancer
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Supports joints so they can continue to remain active
  • L-Carnitine – Amino acid prevents unhealthy weight gain
  • Healthy fats and oils – They regulate their metabolism
  • Whole grains loaded with fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals – To boost their immune system

Ingredients to avoid:

  • Corn syrup – Which is a fancy name for sugar
  • Fillers like wheat and corn – No nutritional value
  • Meat and vegetable by-products
  • Chemicals.

Best Food Brands for Senior Dog


This is a food brand that has one of the highest standards when it comes to using high-quality ingredients. The company is established back in 1926 under a different name, and it specializes in creating the perfect food for any dog.

They are not only concerned about leaving out the harmful ingredients, but they also put the most authentic and highest quality ingredients that are packed with many nutritious benefits for your dog.


This is another dog-food brand that focuses on quality instead of quantity. The Canada-based company believes in the power of locally sourced, nutrient-dense, and never outsourced ingredients. This is the only way to control the quality of ingredients they put in their products.

Orijen is a nutritional balance food that will meet your senior dog’s requirements. Just because they remained true to their mission, they received numerous awards for their outstanding quality.

Taste of the Wild

If you are concerned with your dog’s instinctual food carvings, then Taste of the Wild is just the right food for your senior dog. Taste of the Wild specializes in grain-free, high protein kibble and believes that roasted meats and vegetables are crucial to sustenance.

It uses natural ingredients and they even purify the water through reverse osmosis just to get rid of any harmful toxins.

Holistic Select

This is a relatively new company in the premium dog-food industry with almost a decade of experience behind their work. It is a company that believes in the power of natural nutrition that is balanced with all the right nutrients to keep your dog healthy.

They are focused on supporting digestive health with fiber, enzymes, probiotics, and botanicals which are very important when it comes to senior dogs. This is the best high-quality food when it comes to taste, and your dog will definitely love it.

In fact, they offer a money-back guarantee if your dog avoids eating their brand.

Final Words

These are some of the best brands when it comes to senior dog food. Since your dog has passed more than half of their lifetime, it is time to pay more attention to their food since they are more venerable to health problems.

Remember to choose dog food only from reputable brands and always check the back of the package to see what kind of ingredients they used in the manufacturing process.

It is wiser to buy more expensive food, rather than buying some junk that can cause health problems and you’ll have to pay a ton of money to your vet.