Where Prep Meets Simplicity: How The Chefs Prep can lower your labor costs

By: Jevon Hall 

What is Overnight Food Preparation?

Imagine it’s a busy Saturday night and it just turned 11pm, and you’re happy to walk out and lock that door. It’s closing time and instead of getting ready to deep clean the kitchen, you’re about to go home to enjoy your night. No cleaning required at all. Now Imagine instead of coming in for a morning shift hours before opening to do the bulk preparation work that requires you or your staff being there. Instead, you come in just before the store opens with you and your team’s station fully stocked with everything you need to operate already prepped for the day. Overnight Food Preparation does just that. Chef’s Prep® is a simple service that allows restaurant operators to outsource all of their most tedious time-consuming food preparation tasks. A.M. Food Prep is the first Overnight Food Preparation service that allows restaurants the flexibility to operate with up to 60% less staff and still maintain faster order times.

How does A.M. Food Prep work?

A.M. Food Prep is a simple yet revolutionary service. When your restaurant closes there is no need to clean up. We have a team of experienced culinary professionals that come in right where you left off. We then close the store according to your store’s procedure. Then prepare every item on your restaurant’s menu. This includes butchering, preparing vegetables, portion-sizing, marinating, sauce creation, & anything else needed for your store the next day. We then clean and stock each station for the morning crew so staff can come to work at store opening and not hours before.

The Problems A.M. Food Prep Solves

The source of what defines a store’s growth is Labor Costs. All restaurants are looking for ways to cut costs while still upholding high quality standards.  

Chipotle Mexican Grill® most recently implemented an Ai robot called Chippy to lower restaurant labor cost. This is great for a single operational task like frying tortilla chips but for something truly transformative, that will change how your kitchen operates, you’re going to need A.M. Food Prep. Brand reputation and quality are what builds a successful restaurant group but consistency of food prep is the biggest obstacle when maintaining and growing that brand. Finding the right combination of staff dedication and performance can be challenging at best. Restaurants are looking to maximize profits and protect the restaurant. When working with Chef’s Prep®, we solve this issue by ensuring the consistency & quality of your food is always above expected standards. Which allows for consistent growth of your restaurant.

How can I remove the most stressful part of kitchen operations?

Since the very beginning, restaurants have always depended on in-house staff, to not only receive food shipments but also prepare, process, and cook every item on the menu. This business model may have worked back before 3rd party delivery apps like Doordash® were a thing. But today that model just doesn’t work. Customers eat at restaurants 3X as often as they did just 10 years ago. The restaurant industry also has one of the highest employee turnover rates of all professions at an eye watering 66% employee turnover rate year over year. But what if you could avoid all of the headaches of hiring, training, and onboarding 35+ employees. Imagine that same store that currently needs 35+ employees, running smoothly with only 14 of your best employees that only have to cook, they never prepare anything. That’s the power of A.M. Food Prep, it is an overnight food preparation platform that allows restaurant owners to unload all of their most tedious time-consuming tasks. By removing the food preparation work from your kitchen operations, you have a streamlined kitchen that requires 60% less staff and operates 15% faster than your current traditional kitchen.

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How much does A.M. Food Prep cost?

Chef’s Prep® gives you the flexibility to operate with only 40% of your current staff. This savings is what’s used to pay for the service which typically results in a net savings on each and every store we service. For more information on how to get started or how this would work for your brand please write me at: Support@thechefsprep.com or visit our website at www.thechefsprep.com