White Castle and Evil Genius Beer Company Partner to Bring a Limited-Edition Beer to Retail

Philadelphia-based Evil Genius Beer Company has unveiled its most craveable partnership yet as it announces a new limited-edition beer, It Hits Different, with the iconic fast-food brand White Castle®, home to The Original Slider®.


Evil Genius has made a national name for itself with beers that tap into the cultural zeitgeist and with collaborations with some of the biggest brands across the country, including Jameson Irish Whiskey, Miller High Life and Auntie Anne’s. Now, Evil Genius has partnered with White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain and the category leader in frozen Sliders, which are sold through its retail division, now celebrating its 35th year.


It Hits Different is a 6.5% ABV Tangerine IPA brewed with the new, exciting Sabro Hop as well as classic Centennial Hops to celebrate White Castle’s recent hundredth birthday and underscore the brand’s duality of innovation and long-standing heritage. With subtle bitterness from the beer’s unique hop profile countered with a pleasant, light tangerine sweetness, It Hits Different was developed to be the perfect partner to White Castle’s signature Sliders. The cheeky name is a nod to the two companies’ legacies as tastemakers, creating a product that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely satisfying — there’s nothing else like it.


“Nostalgia is such a big part of our brand, and with White Castle’s over one-hundred-year legacy, it just seemed like a perfect fit to partner with them to create a beer that is as memorable as it is tasty,” said Evil Genius Co-Founder Trevor Hayward.


“Evil Genius knows a thing or two about thinking original, so when they approached us on the idea of partnering on the It Hits Different White Castle-inspired beer, it was easy to raise our glasses and say cheers,” said Lynn Blashford, CMO, White Castle.


It Hits Different became available as of October 3 in stores throughout Evil Genius’ distribution footprint, including Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Rhode Island. It will be available in cans for beer and retail stores, and kegs (sixtels and halves) for bars and restaurants. The recommended price for a six-pack can vary by market but will be around $11.99.


Evil Genius held a launch party on Sept. 30 at its brewery in Philadelphia to kick off the release.


Brandgenuity, the licensing agency for White Castle, brokered the partnership and is supporting the program rollout.


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