Wines from Around the World…Made in New Jersey?

Wines from Around the World…Made in New Jersey?

Wines from Around the World…Made in New Jersey?WALLINGTON, N.J., July 22, 2015 In Northern NJ there is a growing winemaking tradition, where families come together during the winemaking process to make their own delicious wines. Participants at Make Wine With Us, see winemaking as a great opportunity to bring their families together for a fun experience.

The age-old winemaking process is to most a lost art. Many who consider themselves to be wine enthusiasts may not even know the entire vine to wine process, which is taught to students at the instructional facility in Wallington, New Jersey.

On why there is an increase in do-it yourself winemaking, proprietor John Gizzi states, “In a time where families spend less and less time together, winemaking is the perfect family experience. Grapes from around the world, are turned into delicious unique wines, such as California Chardonnays and Chilean Syrahs.” After a 9 month barrel aging, students bottle their own wine and take home their yield.

Make Wine With Us has announced 3 open house events for Summer 2015. At these events, wines from past beginner winemakers will be sampled and prospective students will be introduced to the winemaking experience.

Self-made wine is better for you, as it contains less sulfites. “Less chemistry goes into homemade wines, compared to wine from larger wineries designed for distribution,” explains Gizzi. Big brand boxed or bottled wines are chemically engineered with preservatives to keep the wine stable for transport and long uncontrolled storage.

The most popular winemaking package costs $775.00 and equates to around 60 bottles of wine, which turns out to be actually less expensive than lower quality store bought wine.

Dates for the Summer 2015 Exclusive Wine Sampling Events are:

  • Sun. August 2nd  4:00-6:00pm
  • Friday, August 28th  8:00-10:00pm
  • Friday, September 18th  8:00-10:00pm