Zach Bair Rises up to Meet the Moment Fueled by the Pandemic Longtime Music Entrepreneur/Tech Guru Releases New Rock Single and EP

For many years, Zach Bair has been a fixture in the music technology space, first with his company Immediatek (OTC: IMKI), which sold to Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban in 2006; notably, with DiscLive, the pioneer in “instant live” recording, since 2004, and currently VNUE, Inc. which is rolling out technology to help ensure songwriters are compensated for music played in public spaces.

What many people are not aware of, though, is that Bair is an artist too – which has of course fueled much of his intense desire to help musicians with his technology through the years.  He cut his teeth playing in Dallas during 90s and 2000s, alongside his tech career.  Bair also is known for his two music venues & restaurants in Memphis, RockHouse Live.

After many years behind the scenes on the business side, Bair is releasing new music including a single, Ordinary Girl, on August 10th, and an EP of the same name September 1st, with its exquisitely seasoned Rock ‘n’ Roll roots prominently on display. The result is the staggering collective magic of this dream team of industry gems and informal advisors, including behind-the-scenes producers and executives closely connected to powerhouse artists such as Saving Abel, matchbox twenty;  Peter Frampton; Slash; Rob Thomas; Blondie;  Simple Minds, and many others, some of whose live recordings Bair produced via the aforementioned DiscLive.

But make no mistake – this is a solid work of art created during the historic pandemic and powered by the in-the-gut moment of Bair’s reckoning that tomorrow may never come, so he’d best get busy.

“I’ve always been a musician and songwriter, but as a creative with a head for tech, I kept coming up with new ideas that kept morphing into responsibilities, so my time for playing kept getting smaller,” Bair said. “But nothing hits you in the face harder than a virus that can kill you at any time, and the pandemic has given me the time to really focus on my on my music and get it out. Now.”

The new EP is all rock with plenty of storytelling, haunting melodies that you can dance to, and a beat that never quits. A few months ago, Bair released Rutherford Drive and saw it quickly become a favorite of over 200,000 YouTube viewers and several hundred thousand streams on Spotify, as well as airplay across the country.

Now, the new release of the single Ordinary Girl sets the tone for a surprising arc of a suicidal woman who feels her life is nothing special, and realizes suddenly her very extraordinary self-worth. The new single is now available on all major streaming platforms as well as rock and AAA radio, and the lyric video is available on Bair’s Offical Artist Channel on Youtube.  Here is a free link to the video:

Proving Rock ’n’ Roll has no age limits, Bair teamed up with fellow notable Mid-South based musicians such as Daniel Dwight on bass, a founding member of platinum-selling band Saving Abel, Jeff Cobble, who has worked with globally-known “epic” rock act Medieval Steel, and Olive Branch, MS resident Jeff Ward on drums, to form the Zach Bair Band when Rutherford Drive was released.

The EP, which contains five new songs plus a remastered version of Rutherford Drive, was produced in Nashville by Grammy-winner Skidd Mills, known for producing such artists as Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Pop Evil, Skillet and others; and it was mastered by another Grammy-winner, Brad Blackwood, of Euphonic Masters, who has done work for such notable artists as Evanescence, Maroon 5, Alter Bridge, and more. Both Mills and Blackwood have Memphis roots, which is how Bair got to know them and enlisted them for the project.

Bair’s “label” team includes his colleague at VNUE, Lou Mann, who ran the legendary Capitol Records as GM and EVP for a number of years, and who went on to serve as president of HOB Media Properties; and Jody Best, who is heading up the promotion of the record to Radio. Bair is in good company with Best, as her clients include such massive artists as Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Boston, and Orianthi.

For more information about Bair and his music and endeavors, visit his official Facebook page at, or his website,  For information on VNUE, visit

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