ZUMEX® Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in the USA With the Launch of its New Multifruit Commercial Juicer

ZUMEX® Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in the USA With the Launch of its New Multifruit Commercial JuicerThe company’s latest developments feature the new version of the iconic Multifruit commercial juicer, which includes the new extremely hard-wearing titanium shredding disc.

* This new tool offers a premium user experience by increasing performance, resistance and durability, thus responding to the demands of professional big-time juicers

  • ZUMEX®’s juicers are celebrating a quarter of a century in the US market. The pioneering nature of the firm and its win-win solutions for leading companies such as Subway, Jamba Juice and Juice, and major retailers such as Whole Foods, HEB and Wegmans, have consolidated it as the strategic partner of reference for juice businesses

The first ZUMEX® Group juicers arrived in the United States in 1994, just over 25 years ago. Since then, the company, a strategic partner in the development of the juice business, has grown its market share in the United States and Canada year after year. The company was the first one to introduce the concept of freshly squeezed juice into major supermarket chains such as Whole Foods, HEB, and Wegmans, thus bringing a fresh, natural and healthy product to thousands of American homes.

This long history has consolidated the company’s commitment to these markets and, in 2019, ZUMEX® is taking advantage of the centennial of the NRA Show in Chicago to present its new Multifruit, a commercial juicer in great demand in this market. Thus, ZUMEX® returns once again to the benchmark US trade fair for the hotel and catering industry, which brings together over 2,000 exhibitors and trade professionals from more than 100 countries.

On this special occasion, the highlight of the show is the new premium version of the Multifruit commercial juicer, which is ideal for optimizing non-stop juice service performance in hotels, restaurants, cafés and juice bars. However, it is not the only new development: the company is also presenting innovations in its Versatile Pro range, the smallest self-service juicer on the market and ideal for convenience contexts, such as those of major American firms like Subway, Jamba Juice, and Jugo Juice.

Through these developments, ZUMEX® aims to boost market penetration throughout the American continent and continue to lead innovation in the juice business. According to the firm, this is the best way to safeguard its partnership with large companies in the HORECA and retail channels.

New Multifruit, a heart of TITANIUMTM that can handle everything you put in it

The new generation of Multifruit juicers stands out for its new, extremely hard-wearing TITANIUMTM shredding disc (combined with its powerful brushless motor) ensures awesome performance in helping foodservice professionals to prepare multi-fruit juices with ease. The new, extremely durable material of the disc quickly shreds the hardest fruits and vegetables, from carrots, apples and pineapples through to celery and ginger.

In addition, the increased strength of the blades and a new crosshead, coupled with the robustness of the titanium disc, improves cutting and increases resistance to wear and tear, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.

Another of the new innovations in the design of this commercial juicer is the new easier to use, more efficient faucet, whose new Easy Grip finish improves handling and provides optimal juice flow to serve juice directly to the customer. In addition, the new faucet turns 180º to ensure excellent hygiene conditions in cafés, restaurants, cocktail bars and juice bars everywhere.

The new Multifruit, which continues to feature unique components such as the extra-large opening to insert fruit and vegetables, stands out for its efficiency and robustness, as well as for the new finishes that make the Multifruit name stand out and give it an even bigger personality by including its logo right above the speed dial. The most advanced commercial juicer on the market is still available in five colors (Black, Cherry, Graphite, Silver and White) to match the style of your business.

ZUMEX® Group is a strategic partner and has been a world leader and innovator in the juice business in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for fruit and vegetable juicing for more than three decades. It is present in more than 100 countries through an extensive network of distributors and its five subsidiaries (USA, Mexico, UK, France and Germany), which work closely with its headquarters located in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).

The company is well known for the development of patented technologies and exclusive systems and has three major business lines: food service & retail, food engineering and vending.