100% Organic Coconut Water, COCOZIA Now Available at Mom’s Organic Market

Mom’s Organic Market is now offering the refreshing and hydrating 100% Organic coconut water COCOZIA to customers at its branches in over 10 cities in the East of the United States.

100% Organic Coconut Water, COCOZIA Now Available at Mom’s Organic MarketCOCOZIA, the latest buzz in the world of healthy drinks, is now available to more regions across the United States as it fills shelves at popular health grocery retailer, MOM’s Organic Market. Health-conscious customers can now enjoy the 100% organic coconut water at more than 10 MOM’s locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Since 1987, MOM’s Organic Market has been leading by example to protect and restore the environment. To reduce its impact on the environment, the health grocery shop institutes best practices among its staff and employees, while also educating customers and influencing other businesses.

“We are proud to be on the shelves of MOM’s Organic Market as COCOZIA is 100% Certified Organic. We ensure that our coconut water is not only delicious but friendly to mother earth as well,” said Paul Kilbride, VP of Sales.

100% Organic Coconut Water, COCOZIA Now Available at Mom’s Organic MarketUnderstanding the importance of being 100% Organic for healthy hydration, COCOZIA refreshes without the harmful ingredients found in most commercial beverages such as processed juices, sodas, soft drinks, sports drinks and caffeinated drinks. Because it is pure and organic, COCOZIA is fundamentally fat-free, and contains no processed ingredients of any kind.

The 100% organic beverage has met the strict standards upheld by MOM’s Organic Market, which stocks mainly certified organic products and with a selling percentage that is higher than any other major grocery chain. The family owned and operated organic shop supports green businesses and highlights companies that use renewable energy to manufacture their products.

100% Organic Coconut Water, COCOZIA Now Available at Mom’s Organic MarketDelighting typical consumers, as well as athletes and health buffs who want a healthy way to hydrate, COCOZIA is fresh pure water from inside a young green coconut. Every 330 mL of the healthy drink contains only 70 calories, and is rich in potassium, magnesium and other electrolytes. COCOZIA is USDA Organic, Kosher certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.

With COCOZIA, hydration doesn’t have to be boring either. The product can be used in your favorite dessert recipes or mixed juice beverages.

ABOUT Epicurex LLC
Epicurex LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of exotic beverages. The company focuses on bringing unique organic products to its customers, all while providing only top grade products that taste great and contribute a lot to a healthy lifestyle. To find out more about COCOZIA now on MOM’s Organic Market shelves, please visit www.cocozia.com for information.

ABOUT MOM’S Organic Market
MOM’s is a premiere chain of family owned and operated environmental organic grocery stores, offering an incredible selection of organic products at everyday low prices. Serving customers in in over 10 cities in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, MOM’s is on a mission to save the environment while making available organic, healthy food to customers.