100BIO, World’s First 100% Biodegradable Foam, Launches at NRA Show

100BIO the World’s First 100% Biodegradable Foam

100BIO, World’s First 100% Biodegradable Foam, Launches at NRA Show

Tag Packaging is proud to announce the launch of 100BIOTM, the world’s first 100% biodegradable foam for food packaging. Premiering at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in May 2016, consumers and distributors will be able to see and feel the products for the first time. Produced in a distinct shade of grey, each container is remarkably sturdy, cold­resistant, heat­insulating, and shock absorbing. The initial line offers an array of 16 items, ranging from cups and clamshells to sushi trays. “We are very excited to debut 100BIO at the NRA,” says President Jea So. “We want people to experience this affordable and revolutionary new product for themselves. And no, you can’t eat it!”100BIO, World’s First 100% Biodegradable Foam, Launches at NRA Show

With her extensive experience as a restaurateur and product developer, Jea So saw a gap in the food packaging industry and created Tag Packaging in 2014. During her years as a restaurant owner, buying to­go containers meant choosing the most inexpensive option. “When paired against other expenses, such as rent and payroll, I had to be sensible,” recalls Jea. “It would break my heart, knowing that I could only afford huge bags of foam containers that were polluting the environment. No one should have to make that choice. Everyone should be able to afford safe and eco­friendly food packaging, and 100BIO will make it economically possible.”

100BIO is made from Ingeo, a trademarked brand name for a range of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers owned by NatureWorks. Ingeo is a sugar­based, biodegradable bioplastic currently sourced from plants such as corn or sugarcane. The natural and renewable raw material helps 100BIO reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and remain free of heavy metals, harsh chemicals, and carcinogens. 100BIO products are certified ISO 14855, the highest level of international standards for biodegradability.

For a brief video introduction of 100BIO, as well as our latest product brochure, please head over to our website at www.biodegradefoam.com. For sales or other inquiries, please call 844­TAG­PACK or email 100bio@tagpackaging.com.