3 Foodie Finds That’ll Make Your Fall Season Better

With summer in the rearview mirror, the consumer marketplace is a-buzz with F&B brands eager to ease and enhance your fall season experience—and the holiday shopping cycle just beyond.  With so much to choose from amid an influx of innovation, what’s truly worth “falling” for? Here are a few notable solutions that exemplify ingenuity, foster personal empowerment, allow you to vote your values with your wallet…or even all of the above.

Cauldryn Battery Heated Mug (www.cauldryn.com) – $129.99
Those indelibly on-the-go will love Cauldryn. This heated, battery-powered mug keeps your coffee, tea, soup and other liquids at your selected temperature all day long, making each sip perfect.  Pick any temperature from room temp to boiling, and Cauldryn precisely maintains it thanks to its 10-hour battery life.  Use the arrow buttons on the bottle to set your temperature, or use the free phone app to control it from a distance. The app also features one touch settings for brewing green tea, or cooking freeze dried food. And, Cauldryn’s modular design means the battery and heating element are removable for easy cleaning.

3 Foodie Finds That’ll Make Your Fall Season Better
Courtesy of Lenovo

Lenovo Smart Display (www.Lenovo.com) – $199.99 – $249.99
Here’s a cool way to make cooking easier—and your home smarter: the Lenovo Smart Display. Stylish and easy to use, this device will be there to help, inform, or entertain—anytime. Use it to streamline your tasks so you can spend more time on what matters most, like catching up with friends or having some quality “me time.” The Lenovo Smart Display does more than typical smart speakers thanks to a brilliant touchscreen, that’s available in 8” or 10” options. You can also do it all hands-free, using only your voice to ask your assistant questions and command it. Just utter the phrase “Hey Google” to get started. You can bring up a recipe, watch cooking videos on YouTube and check your dinner commute or the weather en route. Use it to browse your Google Photos, video call friends and family, and so much more. You can also customize your routines for any scenario and set up voice match for a more personalized experience.

GigiBees Eco Food Wraps & Reusable Metal Straws (www.GigiBees.com) – $3.00-$20.00
And finally, with all of the fall and holiday entertaining ahead, let’s not forget that creating an eco-friendly kitchen is easier than ever these days thanks to innovations that make living green efficient and economical. That’s certainly the case with items from GigiBees—an online store specializing in eco-friendly, reusable products to help create a zero waste home. This includes GigiBees Eco Food Wraps that provide an effective alternative to plastic wrap and other single-use disposable products in your home or office. Made with sustainable ingredients like high-quality, natural beeswax and jojoba or coconut oil, which is applied to 100 percent organic cotton, these unique and reusable wrappers mold around your food so you can store it and keep it fresh. GigiBees Eco Food Wraps are practical, naturally anti-bacterial, compostable and they look great. So say “goodbye” to single-use cling wrap, plastic and aluminum foil, and ditch the disposables forever. Each Eco Food Wraps order is hand-made and packed personally, ensuring you get a quality product every time. Also check out GigiBees Reusable Metal Straws—perhaps the last straw you will ever need. These reusable 10-inch, stainless steel straws bend and twist to your liking and are easy to clean using just soap and hot water (and with a straw brush if necessary). Just shake out excess water to dry. Your straw can be repeatedly boiled, sterilized, oven baked, and is also dishwasher safe.


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