3 Zany Boston Themed Dinner Party Ideas Sure to Excite

3 Zany Boston Themed Dinner Party Ideas Sure to ExciteA much anticipated summer season has finally arrived, and hosts are beginning prepping and planning neighborly gatherings. Avoid the norm and host a memorable event with a stellar theme, outside-of-the-box decor, and flavorful menus. Read on for fun, uniquely Boston themed suggestions to get your party planning started.

Boston Writers Soiree

Some of the most influential and brilliant literary minds, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Jack Kerouac, all hailed from the mighty Massachusetts. A 19th century poets party would be a wonderful excuse to dress up and lavishly decorate your abode in lavish period style.

The 1800s expressed a Victorian style of design, consisting of rich colors and fine fabrics. With just a few additions to your home, like fancy grommet drapery and an elegant rug, combined with soft candle lighting can transform your living space into a 19th century poet’s writing den.

An afternoon tea menu is a must have for a 19th century poet party. Finger sandwiches, scones, biscuit cookies and cakes would perfectly complement the sophisticated ambiance.

Boston Irish-Zombie Fest

More than 24 percent of residents in Boston metropolis area claim Irish lineage. Boston has an abundance of Irish culture and events already, so why not put a new, slightly morbid spin on a classic theme? The zombie craze is wildly popular in film and television, and Boston will soon host its own Zombie Run this autumn. Combining a handful of signature Celtic traits with modern brain-starved shufflers could make for a one-of-a-kind costume and dinner party.

Naturally, the decor for your Irish-zombie dinner party would require Celtic green and deep blood red accents. Dry ice or a spooky fog machine is a must have. Use foam cinder blocks peppered with clovers to create the look of an Irish city in ruins. Don’t forget the fake blood!

What other treat to serve at an Irish-zombie party than red velvet brain cupcakes? Bake a dozen red velvet cupcakes, top with cream cheese frosting, and use a brain-shaped chocolate candy mold to create the chocolate cerebrum mounts. Complete the theme by adding miniature leprechaun cocked hats, and you have a deviously delicious dessert.

Boston Tea Party

One of the greatest moments of rebellion in American history occurred on December 16, 1773 when 342 chests of British shipped Indian tea were dumped into the Boston harbor by tax-protesting patriots. A defining moment for Boston, a tea party-themed dinner affair would be a wonderful homage.

Colonial New Englander guests should arrive decorated in the style now considered to be “shabby chic” with primary colors and ample whitewash. Get inspired with white tablecloths and vintage wood furniture that best emulate the era. Add empty crates and carefully strewn tea to commemorate the iconic event.

A succulent meat pie would mirror well the 18th century theme, to satisfy your guests Colonial appetites. Paired with a beverage of sherry, or of course, loose leaf tea, your menu is sure to impress.

Whether you offer your guests an elegant trip back into history or an adventure into a ghoul-filled apocalyptic world—your dinner celebration will be brimming with Boston-esque fun.