Bulletproof Releases Cold Brew Line of Ready-To-Drink Bulletproof Coffee

After selling more than 100 million cups of its signature brew, convenient, pre-made version now available at Whole Foods stores nationwide 

Bulletproof released the highly-anticipated, ready-to-drink version of its much-loved original Bulletproof Coffee recipe – Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew.

Bulletproof Releases Cold Brew Line of Ready-To-Drink Bulletproof Coffee
Like its predecessor, this convenient grab-and-go version of Bulletproof Coffee provides sustainable energy from fats rather than sugar and is made with clean cold brew coffee (free of 27 toxins), Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed butter. The four-flavor line promises to deliver the same benefits Bulletproof customers have come to love – diminished brain fog, increased function and higher energy levels, all without sugar or chemicals.

The best part? No blender or prep time required, and the innovative packaging makes it easy to toss in a bag without worrying about broken glass or in-transit refrigeration.

Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew is rolling out throughout September at Whole Foods stores nationwide and is also available online at Bulletproof.com.

What you should know:
Key ingredients include cold brew coffee, Brain Octane oil (a powerful energy source extracted from the most potent part of the coconut), and grass-fed butter Made with clean coffee that is certified to be free of 27 toxins Available in four flavors – Original, Vanilla, Mocha, Original + Collagen Protein (13g of protein)
Nutrition facts:
Original: 140 calories, 0g sugar
Vanilla: 190 calories, 0g sugar
Mocha: 220 calories, 0g sugar
Original + Collagen Protein: 230 calories, 0g sugar, 13g protein

Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew is the first nationwide retail launch for the popular Bulletproof brand, coming on the heels of a $19M funding round led by CAVU Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures that closed in May 2017.