4 Best Pastries You Can Bake at Home

Is there anything nicer than the smell (and taste) of freshly-baked pastries? They’re impossible to resist and are a deliciously sweet treat.

If you’re thinking of doing some baking at home, it’s easy to get started. Just make sure your home is stocked with baking essentials, such as flour, oats, and sugar.

Once you’re ready to bake, you may need some inspiration. Keep reading to find four amazing pastries that you can bake at home, whether you’re an amateur cook or a pro.

  1. Cinnamon Rolls Are Fantastic to Bake at Home

Is there anything nicer than waking up to the sweet smell of freshly-baked cinnamon rolls? These delicious pastries, often with raisins, almonds, or even chocolate, are a lot of fun to bake for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Top them with gooey, tasty icing, easy to make from powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, and even cream cheese.

For another fun breakfast pastry, try baking at home or outdoors and making campfire biscuits.They’re great for camping trips!

  1. Croissants

It’s a French favorite, but croissants are a fantastic pastry to bake at home anywhere in the world.

These flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastries are easier to make at home than you might think. All you need is butter, flour, yeast, sugar, and milk.

For a twist, add Nutella to make chocolate croissants.

  1. Churros

Churros, originally from Spain, are similar to a cinnamon donut, a fried-dough pastry. As long as you’re comfortable cooking with oil, why not make churros for something different?

They are best enjoyed warm, as soon as they’ve been cooked. Dip in chocolate sauce for a decadent treat.

They are a fun alternative to donuts or funnel cakes, and you can also use them as a learning opportunity to teach kids about Spanish cooking and culture.

  1. Cherry Turnovers

Cherry turnovers are one of the best pastries, as they’re an American classic and loved by just about everyone.

They can also be quick and easy to make at home, especially if you use frozen pastry dough and frozen cherries. Turnovers are fluffy, sweet, and popular with both kids and adults.

For a lovely dessert idea, you could serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh out of the oven.

Start Baking at Home Today

As you can see, there are plenty of delicious pastries that you can bake at home. Why not try out one of the above and use it as an opportunity to work on your baking skills?

As long as you follow the recipe, keep an eye on the oven, and have fun in the process, then it’s sure to be a success! Like anything, practice makes perfect, so your baking skills will improve over time.

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