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4 Recipes that Will Make you a Pro Cook

There is something really cool when someone can whip out a pan, two or three ingredients, and cook an incredibly delicious meal in no time. It’s an art form really.

But if you aren’t exactly an experienced cook, things don’t look that straight forward. Yeah, we know. There are so many questions that pop up in your head and they all need answering. For example, why is wagyu so expensive, or what type of pan do I need to cook meat in? And tens of others that sometimes feel like they don’t have a clear answer.

Yet, the truth is, everyone can cook a delicious meal, and more importantly, everyone can cook a fancy meal, as long as they know what they’re doing. The secret is to have one or two go-to meals that you’ve practiced a couple of times before.

That’s more than enough for you to impress people with your cooking skills, and more importantly, be remembered with your own staple meal.

Chocolate fondue should be your go-to, easy to prepare dessert.

If there’s one dessert that you should learn how to make, it’s chocolate fondue. It’s fancy looking, it’s delicious, and most importantly — most people have no idea how to make one.

So, learning how to make fondue can be your secret party trick. Something that will make people remember you as the best. Now, here’s how you can do it. It’s pretty easy, actually.

Mix egg yolks and sugar. Heat heavy whipping cream and slowly pour the egg yolk/sugar mixture while stirring. Chocolate chips to taste, stir until combined, and take it off the heat.

Now all that’s left is to simply leave what you just made chill in the fridge for a couple of hours, and voila! You’ve got yourself a pretty delicious chocolate fondue to impress anyone you’re looking to impress.

Lamb shanks look incredibly when portioned appropriately and are pretty easy to cook.

If there’s a food out there that is super delicious and it makes you feel super cool while you’re eating it, it’s lamb shanks. The best thing is, they’re a pretty inexpensive cut of meat.

And if you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen tending over a few pieces of lamb shank, our favorite recipe is in the slow cooker. Use aromatic vegetables like onions, and garlic, and carrots. Cook them at the same time to ensure all juices are absorbed thoroughly.

If you want, you can add a bit of white wine and stock. It would further tenderize the meat. Then, don’t forget to add your favorite herbs like rosemary and parsley. Leave it in the slow cooker until it’s all thoroughly cooked. Serve as you desire, but you can plate them with a bit of rice and it makes for a great afternoon meal.

Betting on the good old lasagne is the perfect way to show off your cooking skills with Italian cuisine.

One of the best cuisines in the world is, in fact, Italian cuisine. And if we had to rank the best of the best meals that come from the boot-shaped country, we have to put lasagne somewhere at the top of the list.

It’s layered, it has an intriguing taste palette, and if you can make one that looks pretty and taste amazing, then you’re a master cook.

A classic lasagne dish can be done by anyone, anywhere, so our advice for you is to master the basics first. Once you start feeling brave enough to experiment, definitely add more Italian staples in your cooking like pest and mozzarella.

Stuffed chicken breasts are the perfect meal if you’re looking for a fancy dinner that’s easy to prepare.

What’s the easiest, yet the hardest type of meat to prepare? For many, it’s beef or lamb, but in all honesty, the meat that is most often prepared badly is chicken. And to be more precise, it’s chicken breasts.

But just because most people can’t cook tender, juicy, and delicious chicken breasts, it doesn’t mean you can’t. In fact, stuffing chicken breasts is a sure way to cook a delicious and slightly exotic meal that will make everyone remember you as a great cook.

And the best thing is you can stuff the breast chicken with whatever you see fit! Vegetables, other meats, or even complementing fruits,

Whichever dish you choose to go with from this list, the most important thing is that you’ll wow everyone you decide to serve it to. Just remember to give it a few practices in order to fully master it.