5 of the best pasta and pizza spots in Italy

5 of the best pasta and pizza spots in ItalyItaly is rightfully renowned for its best pasta and pizza dishes, with many tourists visiting for the food alone. With so many restaurants dotted along each city’s streets, it can be a case of too much choice and not enough time, especially if you’re planning a short trip. Instead of heading to the first pizzeria you spot, make sure you’re experiencing the best of the best during your trip. Pizza and pasta fans rejoice; here are five of the absolute best spots you should visit during your time in Italy.

Gustarium, Florence, Tuscany
A must for all pizza lovers out there, Gustarium is highly regarded for their dough based delights. Featuring a variety of both classic and unusual toppings, these thick crust pizzas are mouth-wateringly delicious. The pizzas are sold by weight rather than per slice, so you can go ahead and try a small selection or go for a big slice of your favorite. Gustarium has a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for a brunch date. Enjoy a tipple of prosecco as you dine on these delicious slices of rustic tasting dough.

As the capital of Tuscany, there are so many amazing places to eat in Florence. Stay in one of the many beautiful Italian villas dotted around the city and enjoy spending your days sampling some of the best food you’ll have the chance to try.

La Tavernaccia, Trastevere, Rome

With a rustic atmosphere and a plentiful selection of traditional Italian pasta dishes, La Tavernaccia offers a wonderful dining experience. From wood-fired oven lasagna to cheesy carbonaras, there’s a menu to suit all tastes.

La Tavernaccia is slightly off the beaten track compared to more central restaurants, but both the vibe and food make it well worth it. Simply hop in a taxi from your accommodation to get stuck into the delicious dishes on offer. Even if you aren’t a pasta fan, you’re sure to adore La Tavernaccia and the many other options on their menu.

Pepe, Grani, Caiazzo
Made with a selection of artisanal ingredients, Franco Pepe’s pizza is often regarded as best in the world. The dough is lovingly created from ancient wheat that had previously not been produced for over 50 years. Furthermore, Franco uses heritage tomatoes as his pizza sauce and oil from an ancient grove when cooking his food. All of this hard work and effort is worth it, having built up a legion of fans.

It’s recommended that you pre-book to avoid disappointment if you’re desperate to check out this hot spot. Pepe’s handmade pizzas are legendary, so it’s well worth visiting if you get the chance.

Torquemada, Palermo, Sicily
For both pasta and pizza, Torquemada is the place to be. Famed for their seafood dishes, the fresh pasta is simply to die for. Topped with a selection of fresh fish, both their pasta and pizza are completely homemade. Expect thick Sicilian dough, freshly made pasta and a selection of delicious toppings, including lobster, squid, and mussels.

The warm atmosphere of the restaurant will make you want to spend the entire evening there, sipping on wine and sampling the best food Palermo has to offer.

Dongio’, Milan
For a truly authentic Italian experience while on your trip to Milan, head to Dongio’. The restaurant serves traditional Calabrian dishes catered more-so to the local residents, meaning you get a taste of traditional Italian cuisine. Expect delectable homemade pasta,  sweet desserts, and a cozy atmosphere. Dangio’ is the perfect place if you want to avoid areas overly packed with tourists as you’ll notice many Italian residents heading to this spot for lunch.

Whichever Italian city you end up visiting, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Check out reviews before you head out to source the best food Italy has to offer and you certainly won’t be disappointed.