5 Restaurant Favourites – That You Can Now Make at Home

There are so many great meals on offer in restaurants these days and many of us find ourselves craving a specific item when we are feeling peckish but rather than spending all your hard-earned cash on eating out every night, why not try and recreate your favourite dish at home?


We found five of the most popular restaurant meals and have shared how simple they are to make at home, saving you time and money and giving you the opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa and eat the food you’ve been dreaming of – check them out now!


Fish & Chips

It’s a staple takeaway treat in the UK and there really is nothing like a portion of fish and chips slathered in salt and vinegar to fill you up after a long day at work. But did you know that the levels of fat used to create this dish are going to leave you feeling bloated and greasy, let alone the negative impact it will have on your health? Rather than going without, try our at-home recipe and look forward to fish and chip Fridays again!


All you need for this recipe is your favourite cut of fish, chipped potatoes that have been parboiled and the ingredients to make your own batter. Making the batter is incredibly easy, and you can just combine flour with water or beer and a pinch of salt.


Flour your fish and then coat it in the batter before putting it into a shallow-filled pan of oil and then throw your parboiled chips in to crisp them up. Once it is all ready, scoop and drain the food, patting all the excess oil off before putting your salt and vinegar on and enjoying!


Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu is incredibly popular with diners across the world enjoying it every single day. It’s a Japanese dish that is not just easy to make but is both comforting and popular with all ages and tastes. Rather than heading out to buy it when you want it next, why not try a Katsu curry recipe from the comfort of your own home instead?


All you need for this recipe is chopped onion, some crushed ginger, mild curry powder, chicken breasts, stock and some other store cupboard ingredients. You start by making the sauce and then strain it for a smooth finish. Once the sauce is complete, put it to one side and then bread and cook your chicken and rice.


Finally, plate the chicken and rice and then smother the dish with as much of your tasty Katsu sauce as you want – absolutely delicious! The great thing about the curry sauce is that it will keep well in the fridge, giving you a second meal the next day if you make double the recipe!


Hunters Chicken

This popular menu item goes by a number of different names but they all feature a chicken breast that has been smothered in barbecue sauce, cheese and bacon – a real treat for any chicken lover! This menu item is typically served with vegetables such as peas and carrots and potatoes that have been mashed or fried.


To recreate this staple at home you will need to start by wrapping your chicken breast in bacon and oven baking until it is just about cooked. When it is nearly done, simply cover it with barbecue sauce and a generous serving of cheese and then put it back in the oven on high heat until the cheese is browned and bubbling.


While your chicken is cooking, take the time to peel and boil some potatoes, carrots and peas. When the potatoes are done, pass them through a potato ricer or mash them and add in some butter, milk and seasoning until you get them the way you like them. Bring everything together on the plate and tuck into this warming meal.


Veggie Fajitas

If you prefer a Mexican-inspired meal with lots of lovely spices then veggie fajitas are an excellent choice that is served in many restaurants. Using a mix of vegetables or mushrooms that get covered in smoky and spicy flavours before being grilled and served to you in fluffy wraps is something that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied, especially when enjoyed with a few cocktails too! However, this meal can be easily recreated at home for just you or a large crowd depending on your plans!


Start by dicing mushrooms, peppers, onions and butternut squash and then start frying them off in a lightly oiled pan. As the vegetables soften, you can add your fajita seasoning mix and chipotle sauce to create a sticky and spicy mix that tastes great. Just before your fajita mix is ready to serve, gently warm your flour tortilla wraps in the oven or microwave and grate some cheese to go inside the fajitas.


Then plate all the components separately, adding tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa and sour cream too if you want it and then let everyone create their fajita in the way they like it the best! It’s a great sharing meal and tastes amazing every time – plus, if you want to add chicken or steak to the mix then you can!


Classic Lasagne

Our final restaurant dish that you can create at home is a classic lasagne. This dish is cheesy, saucy and comforting and can be served with a side salad or garlic bread for a real treat of a meal. Many people think that lasagne takes too long to make at home but the preparation time is not that long, it’s the patience you will need to have when it bakes that may cause problems!


Start by frying your minced beef and onions until browned and softened, then add in chopped tomatoes, seasoning, herbs and stock. You will need to let this mixture bubble for a while so that all the flavours incorporate and thicken into a delicious ragu.


Next, make your bechamel sauce and add some cheese to make it super special, then get to work on layering up your lasagne. Finish by covering the dish with grated cheese and then put it in the oven until the pasta is soft and the cheese is melted and bubbling – what a winning dish for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!