How Do You Heat Your Tortillas?

This way is much better!!

How Do You Heat Your Tortillas?How do you warm your tortillas on Taco Tuesday?  Heating one at a time in a pan, flipping constantly?  Nuked in the microwave for quick convenience but terrible texture? Burned directly over the gas on the stove?  The struggle is real!  Nuni Tortilla Toaster to the rescue.

Seriously, where has this been all my life?  Nuni is the perfect solution to the dreaded tortilla warming problem that plagues kitchens around the world.  Drop in 6 tortillas, push a button and 60 seconds later you have 6 perfectly warmed tortillas ready for your crew to fill with their favorite taco fixings.  No more standing over the pan heating one tortilla at a time.  No more burned tortillas.  And thankfully no soggy tortillas that were heated in the microwave!

How Do You Heat Your Tortillas?Whether every Taco Tuesday or a party on Cinco de Mayo, the Nuni Tortilla Toaster will be a huge hit!


  • 6-Slot Capacity: Place 1 to 6 of your favorite corn, flour or even wheat tortillas into the unit. Choose warming setting.
  • Lift Handle To Start: Automatic shut-off deactivates the unit after each toasting cycle.
  • Rotate To Release: Once the toasting cycle is complete simply rotate the tortillas from the unit.
  • Available for $99 at
  • Featured on Good Day Sacramento, CBS8 San Diego, the International Business Times, Windy City Live, The Seattle PI, The Houston Chronicle, Woman’s World and more!

Put away the pan and plug-in Nuni to turn every day into Taco Tuesday.  Limited samples are available for relevant stories.  Let me know if I can provide more information!