5 Restaurant Resume Examples That Worked in 2022

The restaurant and food services industry is very dynamic, and provides plenty of opportunities for a wide variety of workers, from bartenders, chefs, and waiters, to marketing specialists and managers. All of these are necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly, so that the customers receive top-notch food, as well as great service that enhances their dining experience. Working in the restaurant industry can be pretty satisfying and lucrative if done right, which is why there are so many people interested in getting a job there.


This also means there is plenty of competition for any of those spots. In addition to having relevant experience in the field, you also need to have a killer restaurant resume in order to stand out from the pack. Of course, that is easier said than done, because you shouldn’t be expected to be a resume writer in addition to being a waiter or restaurant manager. This is why have put together a short list of five restaurant resumes that worked in 2022, and explain the reason why they were so effective. More on them below.

1. Restaurant Manager Resume

Here is an example of a restaurant manager’s resume. To be more specific, we are looking at its work experience section:


Work Experience


Restaurant Manager

The Bite


●        Implemented a new menu which boosted restaurant revenue by over $115,000

●        Managed banquet operations worth over $1 million dollars

●        Created a comprehensive, 200-page long Manager guide

●        Provided onboarding for new employees


The reason why this restaurant resume works, and why so many resume writing services use the same approach, is because it ticks all the right boxes that employers like to see:


  • It has 4-6 bullet points per job position
  • Only relevant experience from the past decades is listed
  • It showcases quantifiable achievements and results
  • Uses strong verbs at the beginning of each sentence
  • No buzzwords

2. Entry-Level Restaurant Worker Resume

While experience does come in handy, that doesn’t mean your chances of getting a job in the restaurant industry are zero, especially if you do a good job with your resume. If you are not very confident in your writing skills, you can always hire a helper for career changers to complete your resume for you. If you want to do it yourself, your bio should look something like this:


Energetic bartender and waiter. Also worked for catering and festivals food services, as well as several jobs at fast food restaurants. Received compliments for my strong work ethic, pleasant and outgoing personality, and ability to adapt to new situations.


Even though the worker had relatively modest experience, they dropped in a few hints about their skills and personality, which are necessary to work in a restaurant.



3. Restaurant Line Cook Manager Resume

Listing all relevant skills on your resume should be a given, but you can take it to the next level by providing proof of it, similar to the first example with work experience. Give the person hiring you something measurable they can hold on to, as shown here:


Olive Garden

Line Cook


●        Received four commendations from restaurant management for speed and presentation

●        Had no sick days during four years as a line cook

●        Contributes to restaurant’s 97% rating on relevant websites


Not only are all the relevant skills and achievements, such as efficiency and customer satisfaction, listed, but they are also presented using concrete numbers and results.

4. Waitress Resume

There is a lot of debate about what to include in the “Other” section of your resume, as well as whether you should have one at all. While you should definitely have one, make sure to include stuff that won’t hurt your chances and which might indicate additional skills that might come in handy on the job. Here is how you can populate the “Other” section:



●        Worked as a fitness coach in 2019

●        Created and sold DIY decorations

●        Finished a course on developing emotional intelligence


As you can see, all of these points involve dealing with people, which is a crucial skill in the restaurant industry.

5. Delivery Driver Resume

Last, but not least, don’t forget to include your contact info. Choose an email address that is fairly professional and contains your full name in some shape or form. It’s better to add your mobile phone number rather than your landline, because you don’t want to miss that interview invitation. Something like this will work just fine:


James Hill, Delivery driver, james.hill.85@gmail.com, 803-445-3834


Putting together an effective resume if you are looking to move into the restaurant industry might seem tricky at first, but if decide to follow the examples from this article, you will have no trouble doing so. More importantly, you will be more likely to land that job. Good luck!


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