5 Unusually Delicious Vanilla Bean Recipes to Treat Yourself With

There aren’t many baked delicacies that don’t benefit from the addition of vanilla. In fact, the decadent flavor of real vanilla beans is something that transforms ordinary recipes into something spectacular.

From vanilla bean extract to powder, there are many ways you can add the fragrant flavor to your baked goods. Likewise, there are many recipes that real vanilla beans can be used in!

Are your taste buds hankering for a vanilla-packed dish? In this article, we’re going to list 5 of our favorite vanilla bean recipes that you should try at home. Just keep reading to learn what they are!

  1. Vanilla Bean Sticky Buns

There’s nothing like the warm, ooey-gooey texture of sticky buns to remind you of home. This recipe, which combines the flavor of vanilla bean with lemon and blueberry, is perfect for those sleepy Sunday mornings.

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  1. Vanilla Bean and Almond Brittle

Peanut brittle is so last year. Now, you can add the rich taste of vanilla bean to this crunchy snack!

This mouth-watering recipe revolutionizes your average, everyday brittle. By incorporating almonds, this vanilla bean brittle has the ideal amount of crunch while still melting in your mouth. You can even add savories like bacon to this recipe if you’re feeling daring!

  1. Vanilla Bean Coconut Cake

The perfect spring and summer dessert, this vanilla bean coconut cake has won over many taste buds since its debut.

If you’re into that super moist, coconut flake-packed kind of coconut cake, this recipe needs to be on your next-to-bake list. Not to mention, the vanilla bean frosting featured here is dangerously addictive.

  1. Homemade Vanilla Bean Donuts

Scrap the notion in your head that says homemade donuts are too difficult to make. This simple recipe shows us how to get warm, doughy donuts right out of our own ovens.

The vanilla bean flavoring within the baked dough and the drizzle of vanilla bean glaze make these homemade donuts a home run.

  1. Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Birthday, anyone? These adorable miniature cupcakes aren’t just a breeze to make; they’re also perfect for celebrations since you can customize them!

Use a couple of drops of food coloring to dye the vanilla bean buttercream whichever color is desired. You can also color the batter once it’s all mixed together, it’s up to you!

Treat Your Tastebuds With These Vanilla Bean Recipes

When you add the pure, intoxicating flavor of real vanilla beans to a recipe, you’re creating a mouth-watering experience for all to enjoy. Whether you choose to bake a cake or whip up some homemade ice cream, your friends and family are sure to fall in love with these vanilla bean recipes.

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