8 Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Meme Page on Instagram

Today, meme pages have occupied the center stage on social media. There is no segment of the audience on these platforms who does not enjoy a dose of laughter that memes can generate. In fact, people look forward to following meme pages across different platforms, as a retreat from the times when they wish to take a break from work and de-stress their mind. 

As with any market, there is huge potential to create a meme for free and post it on one or more social media platforms for your restaurant. However, there is no lack of stiff competition from other pages that offer a similar approach to your potential audience. This brings us to the question about how you can grow your own restaurant meme page on Instagram with thousands of followers! 

Growing A Meme Page On Instagram

Make Use Of Hashtags Which Are Trending For Restaurants

Instagram is a land of hashtags. There is a reason why you will find even the top celebrities of Instagram using hashtags on their posts. Consider the purpose of hashtags to be the same as keywords, which make it possible for your audience to discover you on Google. 

In the same way, Instagram picks hashtags to put your content in front of your audience. As you continue to put good memes out there, which people will hopefully come to like, your presence on Instagram will become noticed and you will earn a larger following.

Stay on loop with the trending hashtags on Instagram related to your restaurant meme page. As you find out the most popular of these hashtags, start using them on your posts to get noticed. 


Include Elements From Your Restaurant

Go ahead and use your menu and ambiance to create unique memes. Nothing draws people to your page more than tailor-made memes that feature your restaurant. When you make your audience relate to your place with humor, they are going to be thrilled to give you a follow. 


Totally Avoid Buying Followers From Random Service Providers

Whole numbers look good everywhere, they need to be meaningful as well. Buying followers is a very terrible thing that you could do to your restaurant meme page. Since there is no real human behind the thousands of bot accounts that will make these numbers, you will have no benefit of engagement on your wall, which makes it obvious to your followers how you got hold of those numbers. 

This is a really bad start to your restaurant page since people can spot fake profiles easily. They will not be willing to engage in your posts, let alone follow you. 


Post About Trending Restaurant Stuff That Grabs Attention of Foodalcoholics

What will be the point of posting about outdated meals and ideas that have been around for a while? The reason why your restaurant meme page should be catching limelight should ideally be because you are posting about the latest and trending content. You can post about innovative restaurant memes that revolve around your service and meals.

You don’t want to end up like a simple account that seems to repost stuff from other accounts. If you post outdated content, that is what it will surely look like. You should aim to create meme content that compels other people to share your content. And for this reason, always remember to use a watermark with your posts. 


Networking Among Restaurant Owners Is A Real Thing

It is a good idea to connect with other pages on Instagram related to restaurants and dine out places. This will also help to give your restaurant meme page some visibility. There is always a good chance that people in the same niche may be willing to follow your page too, provided they find the content worthy enough. 

Even though every meme page out there is a competition for you but there is some weight in growing together on Instagram which will take a lot more time to do if you try to do it alone. 


Always Offer Engagement To Your Followers Who May Be Foodies And Bloggers

Don’t leave your followers out there to dry after they have engaged in your posts. Every comment and share is an opportunity for you to offer your engagement to your audience, which is a way to tell that their presence is valued. Getting replies to their comments and messages is something that can make anyone feel like they are a part of that page. 

So, if this an experience that you can offer to your audience, consider yourself on the track to earn more following. Consider connecting with the food bloggers and food addicts who might be offering suggestions and appreciation through comments.


Always Use A Business Profile That Resonates With Your Restaurant Business

If you did not already know this, Instagram offers the option to switch your profile to a business one. The benefits of making this switch include obtaining exact insights about your audience and learning how well they are engaging with your content. Similarly, you will come to know about the timings when your audience is most active on their wall. 

Accordingly, you can tune your post timings to match with the times when your audience is most active. This brings the added advantage of quick engagement on your posts. Now, it is important to take note of this because like it or not, how your audience reacts to your posts immediately after you have posted them, tells Instagram a lot about how good your content is. 

If your post gets noticed just enough, your post may even end up on the explorer page of food and restaurant pages, which is how you might make a larger presence for your meme page on Instagram. 


Share And Earn Shares From Fellow Restaurant Owners

If there is one thing about restaurant memes that really makes them work, it is the principle of sharing. You can be sure that as long as your meme touches the humor vibes of your audience, there is a good chance that they may want to share it with their followers too. At the initial stages, you can do exactly this to earn some limelight from pages in the same niche. 

Make sure that you are doing it only once in a while without irritating your audience. Seek larger and established accounts for the purpose of sharing since they have more potential to bring new followers to your page. So, no matter whether your audience includes foodies are not, they will certainly enjoy the wholesome fun that your meme page brings to them. 


To Conclude

There are ample ways to make your own meme online but it is sharing it that makes it a tricky business. As motivation may have it, if you do not get enough engagement on your posts or follows from people who would like to see your posts, it can be quite discouraging to continue making them. 

This is why you should follow these tricks to make yourself more visible to your audience and earn their follow ship. This organic growth may take some time but it is definitely worth going after. Building a meme page for your restaurant might attract more people to visit your outlet too!