6 Ways you Can Maintain the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a high maintenance space. They need extra care and regular checks to work properly. To some people, the bathroom provides a relaxation place and they invest good time to furnish it. Bathrooms have to face heavy water business thus seepages, fungus, clogged pipes, all issues need to be catered to on time. Here are some tips to maintain the bathrooms by keeping a regular eye on them.

Keep a Check on Sanitary Fixations

Porcelain sinks and toilets often get brown-yellowish after constant use. They not only give an unclean impact to the bathrooms but also become smelly over time. Thus keep a keen eye on your sanitary fittings, wash and clean those with a brush regularly and opt for good cleaning agents that are not harmful to the porcelain as well as fade off the troublesome stains as well.


Use Good Quality Faucets

For showers, always go for good-quality spouts. The low-standard products can clog easily with water impurities and can become problematic for users. For proper running water, while you shower, you can opt for moen 1222 cartridge as they provide efficiently working faucets that keep the flow going.


Mineral Deposits

The tiles of the bathroom often become brittle as minerals like calcium deposit over them, making them less durable. Vinegar and baking soda are said to be used to clean the tiles to get rid of the mineral deposits. These mineral deposits occur when you leave the water on the floor or fittings of the bathroom as it is. Keeping your bathroom properly dried up after every use may lessen the risk.


Gutters and Drainages

Most people keep their washrooms clean but forget to look for the outer drainages and gutters. This can cause an alarming situation because if drainages are not frequently cleaned they might get dumped up, and the flow can get outwards, spilling out in your bathroom. That’s why to maintain a neat bathroom, you must also look for the outer gutters and drainages and make sure they aren’t stuffed up.


Use Homemade Cleaners

Markets are full of different toilet cleaners and detergents but the bathroom accessories are often sensitive to chemicals. Recurrent use of chemicals in the washrooms decreases the life of the sanitary fittings and flooring thus you should opt for homemade cleaners instead to extend the life of your bathroom ware. For homemade cleaners, baking soda, lemon, vinegar, etc. are often preferred as they clean well with no side effects.


Let the Air In

Do not dampen your washroom. People often don’t let the fresh air inside the bathroom make it moist and humid. Walls, paints and every bathroom ware gets at risk when you leave the bathroom soggy and steamy. Make sure you open the windows of your bathroom regularly, at least for an hour every day. Use exhaust fans in the bathrooms so that your bathroom can breathe fresh air too. This will help to add longevity to your bathroom.