8 Creative Tips to Make Your Summer Brunch the Talk of the Town

8 Creative Tips to Make Your Summer Brunch the Talk of the TownMake a weekend afternoon brunch a new tradition each summer by turning it into a sophisticated, yet fun affair. If the weather is suitable, host your event outdoors to accentuate a light, breezy feel. Invite your close friends, and encourage them to bring a guest – the casualness of the event makes it a perfect time to build new friendships. The team at Henri’s Reserve, an e-boutique that offers exclusive family estate French Champagnes, shares eight tips to steer away from the same-old-same-old and make your brunch a cut above the rest.

1. Abolish your own stress.

Planning a festive get together can be stressful as you try to get all of the details just right. However, you want to make sure your guests are at ease, so don’t let the stress get to you on the day of the event. You can avoid tension by preparing for your event in advance so you can spend your time seeing to your guests’ needs and listening to their stories of last night.

Set the table the night before and don’t forget glasses. Fix your Blood Mary mix or mimosa blend. Create a menu that allows for early preparation. Pancakes require your attention, but French toast can be prepared early and baked while you serve drinks. Even crepes can be made ahead of time. If you wish to have eggs, serve quiche or strata. More time with guests will help ease stress. 

2. Never limit your event.

Brunch is a flexible event. Some of your guests may already have weekend plans, but many will have nothing to do. The most successful brunches can last until dinnertime.

Don’t hurry your guests through their meal or give any subtle cues that the event is over. Clear the table, but leave clean up until later. Don’t be afraid to use brunch to springboard into further activities with the group – perhaps a game of tennis or afternoon shopping.

3. Treat guests like royalty

Serve elegant Champagne or add an unexpected element, perhaps something entertaining. The proverbial sparkling cocktail for mornings is the mimosa, a simple mix of Champagne and orange juice. Dial up your party and treat guests to a Champagne tasting. Open a new world to them: the seductive world of boutique, Family Estate Champagnes. While tasting Blanc de Blancs, Rosé, Blanc de Noirs, and more, they will truly feel like royalty. Don’t serve the same-old-same-old Champagnes; show you are in the know. Serve them the same Champagnes they would find in fine restaurants. Be their Master Sommelier.

4. Keep the menu light and surprise them with unusual food pairings.

Late morning meals should be light and airy. Your guests who were up the previous evening won’t be prepared for a heavy meal. Rather than baked breads, serve Danishes and scones. Fruit is an exceptional complement to any meal. It’s gentle, tasty, hydrating, and the colors break up an otherwise monochromatic plate. Take care to pair your fruit carefully with your chosen Champagne. Pair Blanc de Noirs with egg dishes, smoked salmon, and roasted dishes. Combine Rosés with soft cheese, BBQ, lobster. Enjoy Bruts with hard cheeses, ham, and chicken.

Serve your meats and cheeses in small, pre-sliced portions so your guests can enjoy them without committing to a large helping.

5. Create a dramatic presentation.

Typically, brunch foods are light and simple, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed artfully. They say we eat with our eyes first, so take care to please the visual senses. Use pedestals or elegant tiers to raise some dishes above others. Mix colors to create contrast. Add colorful garnishes to the dishes and tables to create a vibrant spread.

6. Mind the details.

Choose a color scheme with a variety of bright colors. Since you won’t be hanging decorations, you’ll have to incorporate colors in more traditional ways. Use bright napkins and patterned dinnerware. Be sure to arrange fresh flowers in any place people might gather, whether that’s an entryway, table, or sitting area.

7. Add some fun.

The quintessential brunch is a relaxing affair, but prepare some light entertainment just in case you need ice breakers or added fun. Games of charades, horseshoes, Bocce Ball, or croquet are all low-key activities perfect for brunch. You can set up your dining area outside so that the games can be played while the crowd watches. Another way to add some fun is to offer a Champagne tasting and educate your guests on all the different types of Champagne.

8. Enjoy your company.

Remember the purpose of brunch is to have a relaxing, fun gathering of friends and to even meet new faces. Delegate tasks so you are present with your guests. Guests like to be involved so don’t think twice about asking for help. Assign someone to serve coffee and drinks and ask someone else to help gather plates and utensils no longer being used. Serve your food buffet-style so there is less work bringing dishes in and out of the kitchen to serve.

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