8 Strains of Cannabis That Stimulate Appetite and How

Losing your appetite or having a weakened desire for food can lead to larger health issues. Some people aren’t aware of how exactly to fix the problem. But the truth is that there are practical solutions─ one being cannabis.

If you’re struggling to eat cannabis could be the answer to your prayers. Keep reading to learn about eight strains of cannabis that stimulate appetite and how it works.

  1. OG-Kush Indica

OG-kush is a high-quality cannabis strain and the most sold in dispensaries today. It has grown in popularity mainly due to its potency. It’s one of the strains that both seasoned and newbie marijuana can enjoy.

OG-kush contains high levels of THC and low CBD. It’s full of the top terpenes profiles such as b-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. These are the terpenes essential for stimulating appetite.

This strain not only makes you hungry but also induces a high that makes you feel relaxed and cozy. The onset of its effects strikes within minutes which makes it a perfect instant appetite stimulant.

A ready option to use this strain is the delta 8 THC. Enjoy the appetite-inducing impact and flush away all the bad moods.

  1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain originating from the port of Durban, a city in South Africa. Famed for its clean and stimulating high, this African flower can trigger bursts of laughter.

Like delta 8 THC, Durban poison also comes with high THC levels. It’s best for gaining focus and the perfect strain for patients with ADHD symptoms. A hit can leave you energetic, uplifted, happy, and ready to face the day ahead.

There’s some conflicting information about its potential as an appetite stimulant. Some people argue that this strain contains high THCv levels─ an appetite suppressant. THCv has an opposite effect to THC.

Yet, the levels of THCv are too insignificant to outshine the THC in Durban poison. Durban Poison as medicinal marijuana boosts metabolism and speeds up calorie burning. In turn, this stimulates appetite.

  1. Mimosa 

There are more reasons to try Mimosa cannabis than to stimulate appetite. First, Mimosa is an excellent brunch choice, thanks to its bursting energetic effect. Its euphoric effect strikes hard and gradually dissipates for several hours.

Most users take Mimosa during the day when they can maximize its energizing head effects. Like most appetite-stimulating strains, it’s also very potent. You need to keep a case of snacks nearby to contain its gradual hunger-inducing effect.

Experts recommend moderate amounts of Mimosa because its effects can sometimes be overwhelming. The bursts of energy can be helpful against fatigue, nausea and for boosting appetite.

  1. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is an Indica hybrid of Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dub strains. It’s potent and offers a surging euphoria that induces immense relaxation. This is the strain you want to take when indoors and while making your favorite dish.

If you’re transitioning from smoking CBD to vaping, Gorilla Glue could be a great option. Its powerful high can still produce the desired effect after vaping. Cannabis edibles derived from Gorilla Glue are also quite strong and suitable for transitioning.

With its potency, there’s doubt it makes an excellent appetite stimulant. If you’re sick or stressed, Gorilla Glue can kick you to take a decent meal. It can boost your appetite and help you more than you can imagine. Our Delta 8 THC is available in a Gorilla Glue 4 strain.

  1. Lemon Diesel

Lemon Diesel is an excellent option if you want a solid but friendly alternative to classic THC strains. This strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It’s made by combining California Sour and Lost Coast OG.

Lemon Diesel provides a calming, soothing effect. But unlike Gorilla Glue, it’s gentle and won’t leave you stuck indoors or on your couch. The effect creeps up instead of striking an instant which makes it one of the best pre-dinner strains.

You’ll like it for its sour lemon flavor. It’s famous for its uplifting and calming undertones. It’s a great appetite stimulant and can help you tackle moodiness, nausea, and anxiety.

  1. Blood Diamond

You’ve probably heard of the powerful relaxing and appetite-inducing Suver Haze cannabis strain if you smoke CBD. Well, Blood Diamond stands out with similar characteristics and is equally potent.

Blood diamond is a great option when you want the ultimate CBD experience. It’s an Indica dominant strain with CBD levels above 24%. Using it triggers a super relaxing and calming effect that makes it best for night times or unwinding.

Consider smoking blood diamond CBD when you don’t want the overpowering THC feeling. It has a gentle smell and pleasant taste. The effects are also immediate so you can plan to take it some minutes to mealtimes.

  1. Diesel Puff

If you vape CBD and THC and your favorite is the THC-rich Sour Diesel, you may want a similar flavored CBD substitute. Diesel Puff is the strain with smoke and flavor that comes close to Sour Diesel.

Smoking Diesel Puff leaves a super smooth earthy, citrus aroma and soothing calming effect. It’s a strain you want to smoke after a hectic day due to its relaxing solid kick.

Like most CBD-rich strains, it’s also an excellent appetite booster. Its uplifting effect can elevate moods and make mealtimes more enjoyable. If you’re taking it in the morning, it can give you a great lift during the day.

  1. Dough Boy

Doughboy is a CBD-rich strain filled with up to 20% cannabinoids. This is an indoor-grown CBD hybrid flower from Secret Nature with all the properties to provoke hunger. It won’t get you too high and is great for getting rid of accumulated pressure after work.

It’s a great mood booster and if you smoke CBD, you’ll like it for its powerful effect. If you vape CBD and THC, doughboy can be a great strain to go THC-free. It comes with great potency and a refreshing buzz that advances your usual full-bodied effect. The high levels of CBD can calm you down, reduce nausea and stimulate appetite.

Try These Strains That Help Stimulate Appetite

A lot of factors can affect appetite. Unless you have a severe underlying condition, then help is not far away. Cannabis can stimulate appetite when pain, fatigue, and emotional issues are the cause.

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