A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Come True

Chocolate. There’s so much to love about this classic dessert. In fact, the annual global consumption of this particular sweet in 2022 was roughly 7.5 million tons! However, not all chocolate is created equal — especially when it’s in the form of liqueur. For over 60 years, Mozart has been the leader in this niche market, working passionately with a master chocolatier in Salzburg, Austria, to produce a wide array of chocolate liqueurs that deliver perfected flavors and elevated experiences. Once you’ve tasted this product, any alternative doesn’t stand a chance of meeting your expectations. 

“Like the music of Mozart, the composition of our chocolate liqueur is characterized by its high quality and attention to detail,” said Dietmar Fadinger, Mozart’s Distiller.  “I only select the finest raw ingredients for our products, like cocoa from West Africa and vanilla from Madagascar.”

The original Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is handcrafted with love. Starting with three main ingredients — cocoa, Bourbon vanilla, and sugar beets — the master chocolatier goes through a multi-step process to achieve the optimal taste. It starts with the distillation of the sugar beets. Next is the maceration of the cocoa and vanilla. Last but not least, the cocoa and vanilla are integrated with the other ingredients by working with different temperatures in an elaborate blending process, creating the unique and superior Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. The result is a wide array of the highest quality products and multitudes of rave reviews. 

When it comes time to craft a new chocolate flavor, Mozart Chocolate Liqueur understands the importance of selecting the right raw materials and knowing how to properly combine each ingredient. There are numerous prerequisites for developing chocolate liqueur. It’s a learning process that involves an innate attention to detail and unwavering commitment. Depending on which Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is created, we refine our products with the finest Belgian chocolate, a special cream from the Netherlands, and/or caramel. But it’s not just how Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is made, it’s about where this masterpiece of a product is made.

Continuing A Sweet Legacy

Austria boasts a rich and delectable connection to chocolate, with a history deeply rooted in the art of confectionery. The country’s love affair with chocolate can be traced back to the 18th century when Maria Theresa, the Archduchess of Austria, and her court were introduced to the delicacy. However, it was in the 19th century that Austria truly made its mark on the chocolate scene with the emergence of iconic chocolatiers. Today, the country’s chocolate culture is alive and thriving, with a myriad of artisanal chocolatiers crafting premium chocolates and company’s like Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs contributing to Austria’s sweet legacy.

“The Mozart Distillerie has manufactured exemplary products for over 65 years in Austria. In 1979, the distillerie began specializing in the production of chocolate liqueurs and has since earned its reputation as the authentic chocolate liqueur of choice,” said Carina Planeta, MA Senior Brand Manager Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. “The foundation of our company is built upon a foundation of expertise, creativity, and a devotion to our products and the people they are made to please.”

The company’s roots are in Austria, but Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs prides itself on being a global brand with their chocolate products being influenced by the most popular chocolate flavors in the world. In fact, they are the only chocolate liqueur brand with a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate , and a coffee chocolate — gluten free and great for making espresso martinis! Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs also offers highly anticipated seasonal releases such as Pumpkin Chocolate in the fall and Strawberry White Chocolate in the summer. All products are gluten free with the Dark Chocolate flavor being vegan as well. 

The Complete Package 

The idea behind the first Mozart Chocolate Liqueur was to create a liquid chocolate praliné similar to the popular Mozart chocolates confectionery from Salzburg, Austria. Keeping this in mind, the packaging and presentation needed to be as impressive as the product itself. Wrapped in a luxurious foil, a bottle of Mozart Chocolate Liqueur playfully and elegantly takes on the appearance of a classy dessert you can drink.

“One day my best friend gave me a bottle of Mozart Chocolate Liqueur as a gift and the golden wrapping immediately stood out,” said Jenny Manger, Marketing Director Marussia Beverages USA. “Every sip delivered a smooth, creamy chocolate flavor. To this day, I’ve never experienced a spirit as delicious as this.”

Customers have mentioned how this product is an absolute delight. Compared to other chocolate liqueurs on the market, the Mozart brand uses all natural ingredients. It’s one of the many reasons Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs continues to pave the way forward in this particular spirit category. They are constantly working on new product ideas, taking into consideration the latest trends in the chocolate industry and the desires of consumers in the countries where Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs are sold.  

The chocolate range of their products all have a soft, playful, creamy and delicate finish with a subtle hint of alcohol. After tasting it, you’ll be both surprised and delighted by the quality. Consumers will also appreciate knowing what’s inside, namely all natural ingredients. And these simple ingredients are transformed into a sophisticated line of chocolate liqueurs that are extremely delicious and versatile. There are countless ways to enjoy a glass of Mozart Chocolate Liqueur, including these crowd pleasing choctail recipes:

White Chocolate Peppermint Mozartini

Chocolate Cream Mozartini

Take a moment and imagine eating a piece of a really good, high quality chocolate bar as the chocolate slowly melts on your tongue. That’s how Mozart Chocolate Liqueur tastes. It’s a smoothly balanced and delightful treat with a rich and viscous liquid that pours slowly and is easily savored. So when you find  yourself craving something rich and sweet, treat yourself to a bottle of Mozart Chocolate Liqueur — you will not be disappointed! 

Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs are the perfect gift for others or for yourself. You can view the complete line of products here.

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