A Guide To Planning Your First Private Party

It’s going to be alright! That’s the first thing you have to think when you’ve decided to host your first private party. It can get stressful because of everything that needs to get done, but with some proper planning, your private party can be the talk of the town.

Here’s a quick checklist of what to do before you awe your guests with a smashing party!


Your budget will determine most of what the party will be like. Determine your budget very early on and try to stick to it all along the way, as it’s easy to go off track. You have to take into account everything from décor to food and beverages. Make sure there is something for everyone in food and beverages. If you have enough cash to afford it, getting a party planner is really a great idea. Maverick Whiskey is a great place to start or to at least give you an idea of how these companies can help you in elevating your first private party experience and make it a memorable one.


You have to give your guests ample time to be able to attend. Depending on the size of your party, you can inform your guests anytime between a week to even months in advance. While holidays and long weekends might seem to be a good time, keep in mind that many people travel during those times. Often a regular weekend day has been good. People would need the next day off if your party is going to go into the wee hours of the morning.

Indoors or outdoors:

It differs if your guests will be indoors or outdoors. Of course for outdoor parties, you want to make sure it’s during a month when the weather is more or less predicted to be nice. Even for indoor parties, you want your guests to be able to arrive comfortably. Either way, you need to clean up before hosting a party. So, remove any visible clutter that is around, especially in areas like the bathroom. Even if you have a seating arrangement in mind, you can expect people to be going back and forth. If your guests will be seated, make sure you have enough seats. You might have to rent extra chairs and tables for your party.

Provide easy to find location

There’s no doubt that people can get lost on the way, especially if your home is in a more remote area. Not everyone you know coming might have been to your house before. If giving out written invitations, you can provide a map with each invite. If not, you can share the location of your smartphone.


You know all your guests, but they might not all know each other. If you know some guests have common interests, introduce them to each other until everyone is more comfortable mingling.

Plan ahead

The better you plan, the more of a hit your party will be. Whatever you can do early in advance do it. When the party is in motion, be a gracious host and make people feel at home. Mingle with all your guests and introduce people to one another when needed. Your party will be so entertaining that guests might not want to leave!