A Mosaic Of Chalk, Vines, And Talent

Every wine has a story to tell. In the case of Champagne Jacquart, every bottle plays a part in the overarching narrative of unwavering passion and authentically refined flavor palates. This unique collection of wines began in 1964, when thirty artisan winemakers sought to create a product that provided an exceptional experience with every sip. Their notable skills and extraordinary vineyards turned out to be the perfect pairing, yielding wines of the highest quality. 

Most accurately defined by the place and people who make it, the Champagne Jacquart of today has stayed true to its roots. It is a manifestation of the mosaic of chalk, vines and talent that brought the original vision to life.

The complexity of these artisanal wines is a fascinating interplay of various factors that converge to create a unique and nuanced sensory experience. Leaving mass-production tactics and assembly lines out of the equation, Champagne Jacquart’s wines are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the distinct terroir of our vineyards. The grape varietals chosen, the specific microclimate of the region, the soil composition, and the winemaking techniques employed all contribute to the intricate tapestry of flavors and aromas found in a bottle bearing the Champagne Jacquart name. 

Located on a magnificent vineyard that spreads over the entire Champagne appellation area, the winemakers have access to nearly 60 villages. These expansive plots present an unimaginable diversity of terroirs and a unique opportunity to bring them to life. 

Blending and assembling are key parts of the champagne creation. For Champagne Jacquart’s dedicated winemakers, this process lasts approximately three months, during which they taste and analyze 300 to 400 wines to ensure everything is exactly right. In the case of  blended cuvées, the aim is to maintain the consistency of a style. Thanks to the fact that Champagne Jacquart has access to a great diversity of wines — from the latest harvest and also from the reserve wine collections they keep in their cellars — they are able to maintain a uniformity among the final products.

On the contrary, specific cuvées, generally vintage wines, are made from a small number of terroirs. They reflect the characteristics of a particular harvest and tend to differ significantly from one edition to the next. Vinifying each grape variety from each terroir separately yields the most possible nuances in hues, aromas, and tastes among the Champagne Jacquart original wine assemblage. Offering a diverse range of champagnes in their portfolio, everyone from wine connoisseurs to novices will find something they can love and afford.

That being said, the Mosaïque Brut is the company’s best-selling champagne. It also happens to do an exemplary job of expressing the brand’s overall style and philosophy par excellence. It is the champagne to start with when discovering Champagne Jacquart. Another emblematic cuvée in the artisan wine collection is the Blanc de Blancs — 100% chardonnay. As the king grape variety at Champagne Jacquart, they’ve been producing chardonnay since 1983. Back then, Blanc de Blancs wasn’t so fashionable!

Champagne Jacquart brings optimism and energy to the world of champagne with a more relaxed approach to luxury.

For this young company, creating champagnes with a contemporary style and a graceful, refined character has been a significant part of the overall brand mission. And at the same time, allowing the winemakers’ pride for the fresh, luminous approach of their chardonnays is of importance as well.

In alignment with that mantra of embracing innovation layered with tradition. Champagne Jacquart has created a mono-terroir collection. It started with a chardonnay, Chouilly grand cru 2014 (released 2019), followed by a chardonnay, Villers-Marmery premier cru 2016 (released 2022). Others are currently being aged in their cellars and will be released gradually over the next few years. These cuvées demonstrate the limitless possibilities offered by the expansive Champagne Jacquart vineyard.

The intricate blending is a masterpiece in and of itself. The idea is to simultaneously highlight each solo mosaic piece while discovering an appreciation for the winery work of art in its entirety.

Working every day to build upon their rich history, Champagne Jacquart is guided by unfailing optimism while looking resolutely to the future. This is reflected in the brand’s style, and the mosaic concept that enables them to see the whole picture through their blended cuvées; but also to zoom in and identify the typicity of their terroirs through our specific cuvées (Blanc de Blancs, Monocure moncépage).

Champagne Jacquart was created by a group of winemakers who were also winelovers. And even though the company has grown since its inception, the human element has maintained a strong, significant presence. In 2024, this authentic wine company will celebrate their 60th anniversary! It is guaranteed to be a very important year filled with milestones and celebrations worth savoring. So raise your glasses and expectations because the best is yet to come for Champagne Jacquart.

View the Champagne Jacquart collection of wines here.
Sip On This Insight: The concept of terroir, a term rooted in the French language and loosely translated as “sense of place,” plays a pivotal role in shaping the distinctive flavors of wine. The mineral content of the soil, amount of sunlight, temperature variations, and overall microclimate of a vineyard act as a sort of geographical DNA, shaping the identity of each wine and highlighting the interconnectedness between the land and the final product in the glass.