A New Frontier—Smoke Lab Vodka infuses flavors from India

By Debbie Hall

Vodka—a smooth spirit, whether pure or infused with flavor—continues to find favor with consumers with over $29.6 billion dollars in retail sales of vodka according to Statista.com. Smoke Lab, based in India, has entered the spirits market with its introduction of Smoke Lab Vodka, India’s New Age Vodka, bringing its Classic and Aniseed spirits to the world.

This smooth, fiery spirit is perfect for cocktails, mixed drinks, and sipping. Smoke Lab Vodka is produced one batch at a time in a state-of-the-art distillery utilizing locally sourced, superior-quality basmati rice and pure Himalayan spring water. A traditional five-step distillation process is used, followed by an ultra-modern two-step Sparkle Filtration system with charcoal to create a soft, clean, and smooth finish. Every bottle of Smoke Lab Vodka is 100 percent free of contaminants and presents the purest vodka drinking experience achievable.

Smoke Lab Vodka Classic is an ultra-pure spirit immersed in intrigue. It opens with fresh nutty aromas and hints of citrus fruits and unfolds into intensity and complexity on the palate. The finish is subtle citrus fruits with hints of nutty characters.

Smoke Lab Aniseed Vodka is a playful exploration of a much-loved Indian herb with refreshing notes of fennel and licorice, finishing with a creamy, sweetness, and delicate fennel blossom note on the palate. Aniseed Vodka is the first of many unique flavors to be produced with new flavors being developed, especially to produce flavor profiles that embody India.

Both Classic and Aniseed are extraordinarily smooth and creamy, making them the perfect complement in classic and complex cocktails. Professional and at-home bartenders can have fun mixing up cocktails with a range of ingredients that highlight the vodka’s unique flavor profiles, from premium mixers and juices to fresh herbs, spices, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and creative garnishes.

Smoke Lab is part of NV Group, one of India’s premier spirits companies. “My family has been involved in the distilled spirits business for over 45 years. It started when my father set up a retail shop that evolved to become the NV Group, one of the largest distilled spirits companies in India,” explains Varun Jain, Founder and CEO of Smoke Lab.

When he graduated from college, Jain saw an opportunity to explore new ideas that would take the company to greater heights—to evolve with the changing marketplace and to introduce their products beyond India to the world. Jain joined the company and developed the concept of Smoke Lab.

“Spirits production is in our DNA. Vodka was a natural first step for our company and Smoke Lab Vodka’s inception has been over a decade long,” explains Jain. “I always knew we had the production know how and capacity to deliver world-class vodka but finding a unique recipe took time. As a certified ENA taster myself, I took on the task of creating a blend that will delight our consumers.”

A recipe was finally found that everyone knew was special. Then began a year long process of trying and testing until Smoke Lab succeeded in creating a smooth blend embracing Indian vodka.

As for the name, Jain thought the name “Smoke” was cool and then added “Lab” to express that Smoke Lab is more than just a product or a brand. “It is an incubation laboratory where unconventional and innovative minds come together every day to deliberate and develop new concepts, products, flavors and designs. Every aspect of Smoke Lab incubation is driven by the idea of conscious consumption and a deep sense of responsibility for how our products are made,” he says.

NV Group and Smoke Lab spirits are well established and very successful in India and is now distributing its premium product portfolio in the U.S. market and the world. Smoke Lab Vodka showcases India’s finest quality ingredients and skilled craftsmanship on the global stage.

As for giving back and sustainability, Smoke Lab was recently involved with World Water Day. “The dream of living a conscious lifestyle that serves to protect and sustain our world’s fragile ecosystem drives the guiding spirit of Smoke Lab’s mission. We are continuously experimenting with resources to actively pursue an aggressive, environmental and civic-minded approach to producing our vodkas and other life-style endeavors.”

The company produces its own energy with renewable resources, achieving a zero/neutral carbon footprint at its Rajpura plant. Steam generated from the plants are used to produce energy for production work, converting steam to water and back again to the energy plant for creating steam. This cycle ensures the water is always reused and never wasted. Smoke Lab also utilizes ultra-modern sparkle filtration resulting in a responsibly produced, ultra-pure spirit.

Another commitment is Smoke Lab’s dedicated advocacy of supporting the local community and a champion of uplifting its neighbors. They source all ingredients from within India and supports sustainable farming in the local villages.

Through collaborations with local artists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs, Smoke Lab has become a force of goodwill supporting talent and creativity. They also help upstart businesses sustain through incubation and financial management.

The future is bright for NV Group as it develops and introduces a full portfolio of premium quality spirits (run, gin, and whiskey), each produced with the finest ingredients in the company’s state-of-the-art zero carbon distilleries. NV Group and Smoke Lab, through spirits, will share its story of quality, mastery, responsibility, and compassion from India to the world. For more information and to purchase Smoke Lab Vodka, visit smokelabofficial.com/en-us.