A New Smoked Seafood Product Guaranteed to be a Maine Attraction

Mowi Consumer Products (CP) of the Americas, in collaboration with the Ducktrap brand, launched its very first fresh skin pack product back in October 2021. The partnership across CP business units globally, as well as infrastructure sharing within the US operations, allowed Ducktrap to launch Lightly Smoked. This new product platform that invites consumers to enjoy a light, smoky salmon designed to be cooked the way of their choosing. Every bite is the perfect combination of freshness and delightful flavor. Ducktrap takes the highest quality Atlantic salmon filets skillfully seasoned and smoked with a unique blend of maple, oak, cherry and applewoods. Ready for the oven, pan or grill — you can’t go wrong. 

The initial launch included fresh, pre-packed portions for retail shoppers. However, as the product has continued its expansion, Ducktrap Lightly Smoked is now available in bulk for foodservice brands. The idea initially came about from some new product development (NPD) insight. The Consumer Products team in Mowi Rosyth, UK, showed the Ducktrap team how they had created a ready-to-cook product infused with natural smoke and flavor. The team at Ducktrap in Belfast, Maine decided to put their own spin on this innovative concept and, with the support of the Mowi USA CP division, invested in skin packing machines to successfully offer the product in pre-packed form. The Quality Assurance and Product Teams have created a recipe for the brining element that is both FDA Compliant and completely satisfying to the US consumer palate. 

Ducktrap’s Lightly Smoked began as a test in the US Market in late 2021 and continued to grow at an impressive rate. In 2023, Mowi CP of Americas teamed up with Chef George Duran, an Armenian-American chef and entertainer, CP American spokesman, and host of TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off. Chef Duran has been a supporter of Lightly Smoked from the very beginning, having recognized the originality of the product and the opportunity that exists to appeal to both mainstream consumers and food service brands.  

“Lightly Smoked will be a new product for consumers to test their adventurous culinary spirit,” said Duran. “I believe this is the ideal salmon experience for households as it is big on flavor and takes little effort to cook. Additionally, there is currently nothing like it on restaurant menus.”

Lightly Smoked is a meal that cooks in just a breeze and there is no need to add too much seasonings or marinades, the smoky flavor and salt (brining) that are already blended into the salmon make for an extremely enjoyable eating experience.Today, this delicacy is sold at five macro retail chains nationwide as well as via e-commerce. The introduction of this new product is an important milestone for Ducktrap that’s proven to be the expertly infused, easy to make, go-to salmon for any occasion.

Since its humble beginnings over 40 years ago, Ducktrap has become the most recognized seafood brand in Maine. It all began when Des Fitzgerald found a spot of land on the Kendall Brook in Lincolnville, Maine. He decided to experiment with smoking some of his trout and eventually built a smokehouse the size of a small icehouse (4’ x 4’). Des buried an old wood stove in the ground of the smokehouse and started smoking trout. Selling his smoked trout to local markets, he achieved an amazing amount of success. 

Over the next five years, Des developed a line of high quality and wholesome smoked seafood using traditional European smoking methods. Little did he know, this was the start of a brand that would one day become known as one of the best smoked seafood in the industry. What started with two workers and a dream has transformed into a reality of 100+ employees working in a full scale 125,000 sq. ft. smoked seafood campus. Today all four of the company’s brands (Ducktrap, Kendall Brook, Winter Harbor, and Spruce Point) are sold across the United States — setting the smoked seafood standard and exceeding the expectations of taste buds nationwide. 

With all the excitement building around Lightly Smoked, it’s important to mention that it is just one of an entire line of impressive Ducktrap smoked seafood flavors. Traditional, Cracked Pepper & Garlic, Everything Seasoned, Gravlax Style and Pastrami Style are all available for purchase at a store near you

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