Wickles Pickles: A True Taste of the South

Pickles are one of the oldest food inventions and loved by many throughout the world. Dating back over 4,000 years, pickles have made quite the journey since their inception. Ancient Mesopotamians preserved their bountiful crops in an acidic brine and the rest is history!

The varieties of pickles are seemingly endless. Some prefer a salty dill pickle with their backyard grill, while others enjoy a “bread and butter” or sweet pickle.

A small, family-owned company, Wickles Pickles, has upped the game on the pickle landscape. Their unique recipes and one-of-a-kind taste will tickle your tastebuds with the very first bite. 

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Andy Anderson, part of the company. Keep reading to learn all about the Alabama-based company and some of Andy’s suggestions for enjoying their unique creations. 


Can you tell us a bit about the company and its history? 

Wickles (although a nearly 100-year-old family recipe) began being jarred and labeled in downtown Dadeville, AL in January of 1998, by brothers Trey and Will Sims. Originally, they could make about 27 cases per day and sold them to “mom and pop” gift and gourmet food stores.  It wasn’t until we found a manufacturer in Georgia and then later in North Carolina, that we could sell them at a price competitive enough for supermarket shelves.  We brought production back to Alabama in 2017 and currently produce as much as we can in-state.  We still operate from Dadeville, AL and are now available in all 50 states.

When did Wickles Pickles really hit the food scene?

When Wickles began, we spread the word through family and friends with the hope it would one day be a household name.  You’ll now find our products in most refrigerators throughout the south and on many tables nationwide.  We attribute the growth to our friends (many of which are chefs, master grillers, and home entertainers) sharing the Wickles love.

What are some popular ways you’ve seen that people like to enjoy Wickles?

Wickles transform a regular turkey sandwich into a work of art and add something special to that BBQ sandwich or burger. We’ve seen Wickles products used in and on everything from pizza, deviled eggs, and pimento cheese to cocktails like Wickletinis, Margaritas, and of course Bloody Mary’s.  

My personal favorite is a simple charcuterie board with a variety of Wickles pickle Chip, Cornichons, and Wicked Garlic with sausage (Conecuh* if you have it), cheese, crackers, and probably some mustard(s).

How has Wickles Pickles grown beyond just Alabama?

We consider Wickles the “South’s Best Pickle”.  Wickles products are readily available in most supermarkets and many other stores around the South. Wickles are now available in all 50 states but, a large amount of our sales are still in the South.


How can someone purchase Wickles Pickles? 

Wickles are available nationwide.  They can be found at Publix stores, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, Safeway, and Wal-Mart, to name a few.

Wickles recently participated in a partnership with Jack’s Hamburgers for a cheeseburger featuring Wickles Pickles.

 Is that on the horizon with other restaurants/companies? 

Jack’s Hamburgers in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee recently launched a “Pickles Bacon Burger” as a limited time offer. Our friends at Hi-Wire Brewing recently released a sour beer using wickles original pickles. 

We are also served at many restaurants including Alabama’s Dreamland BBQ and Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ Concepts. We have also partnered with several SEC schools for their in-stadium concessions and otherwise, through the years.  

We hope there will be other fun, new partnerships to come in 2023 and beyond


Any additional info that you would like to pass along? 

Wickles are “Wickedly Delicious Pickles”!  

The original “Wicked” flavor profile is sweet with a little heat, although we now also offer our Dirty Dill line.  Both lines are packed with garlic and peppers. All Wickles products offer bold, unique flavors.

Our website is www.wicklespickles.com and we frequently add recipe ideas to our FB and Instagram social media pages.

The delicious, unique flavors of a Wickles Pickle will change your mind about pickles forever. There is a world of possibilities for these delicious condiments and Wickles Pickle has tapped into that. 

The next time you want to spice up your restaurants’ menu, consider the “Wickedly Delicious Pickles” as a possible addition. Your tastebuds will thank you for it! 


*Conecuh Sausage is another Alabama-based product that is bold, smoky, and absolutely delicious!*