A Simple Guide To Improve Your Knowledge Of Champagne

For centuries now, Champagne has been an inevitable part of significant celebrations across several sectors and countries. That being the case, it is high time that everyone started realizing the importance of picking out the perfect bottle of Champagne for a special occasion. Though Champagne may be a bottle of wine by definition, it is exceeding that, and most Champagnes are made in France. Here is a bit more about your happy drink that you should be aware of.

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Opening your bottle the right way

Just the tiny step of opening up a great bottle and popping the cork has a specific technique, which has been passed down through the years. The key to properly dealing with the process is to have a good idea about the pressure within the bottle. Firstly, after removing the outer cover on your bottle, you will have to secure the cork firmly with your hands to prevent any accident which may result from the cork flying apart.


While maintaining that pressure, slowly turn the bottle with your other hand. This should make the pressure release slowly, which can be understood through a subtle pop that releases the cork. You can then simply go ahead and enjoy your special bottle of Champagne with zero worries of wasting it on the floor.


Understanding the price point

One more thing that plays a significant role in determining the price point of the Champagne is the methods that are embedded within the process of curating your Champagne. It is also said that the especially higher-end drinks are often designed more delicately, like added perks of having their grapes hand-picked and so.


Another major factor influencing the hype associated with the Champagne bottle is the marketing process itself. Though it may sound like a massive cliche, the overall impact created by the portrayal of Champagne across several platforms and advertisements has registered them as a joyful drink and a sign of happiness. This often gets people to stick to their favorite Champagne brands with a little more sense of longing and joy.


Appreciating the taste

Though every Champagne is unique on its own with varying degrees of sweetness and acidity, the standard bottle of Champagne is usually dry and highly acidic. This is mainly due to the domination asserted by the citrus and fruit component, complemented by the dead yeast cells mostly derived from brioche, almond, etc. Irrespective of the contents, the mouthfeel is simply creamy as that felt with a mousse.

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The making

Even with so many contrasting means to make sparkling wine, the process of perfecting the bubbles of Champagne is unique. The method is called ‘Method Champenoise’ which means the traditional method. This process is a very elaborate one that tends to take up hours on end. This labor-intensive process involved is also a viable explanation for its pricing.


The main steps involved in the process of crafting your high-quality Champagne can be listed as follows.

  1. Pressing
  2. First fermentation
  3. Blending
  4. Second fermentation
  5. Lees aging
  6. Riddling
  7. Disgorgement and dosage
  8. Recorking and aging

What makes Champagne so special

Though popping open a bottle of Champagne might be exaggerated in media and movies, the happiness is pretty much the same. Sure, the cork does not fly across every time, spilling out all that expensive sparkling drink. Often, the Champagne bottle is opened very cautiously, with a specific technique in mind.


As you might have noticed, Champagne is almost always in a different league from the other wines and alcohols, especially the high-end ones. To enjoy such treats at any time, you can buy great Champagne on Millesima.  The main reason is that the making cost and processing are particularly complicated as far as this sparkling cousin of wine is concerned. The price variation within this level is explained by several other factors, including the general quality of the grapes and the quality of the processing units.


According to many, the elegance of Champagne is lifted to a whole new level once it is paired with the perfect food served at the right location and instance. Picking out a bottle of Champagne that perfectly complements your food can add to the pleasure of indulgence significantly.