A Tequila That Offers The Best Of Taste And Tradition

Every brand has a beginning and Number JUAN Tequila has a humble and honorable one to tell. What has become a business fueled by passion and greater purpose among three friends is the result being in the right place at the right time. Some call it divine intervention. Others call it fate. No matter how you choose to define it, all signs point to the fact that Number JUAN Tequila was meant to be. 

All paths lead back to a man of great integrity, Don Juan Alejandro, who committed to crafting a superior tequila in the rich and fertile blue agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico. And while others in the spirit industry took the path of least resistance and mass produced, Juan Alejandro refused to compromise the soil, ingredients, process, or the product’s integrity.  For this reason, Number JUAN Tequila is a true representation of the heart of the people and the magic of the land. It’s not something you can easily describe, but you can taste it. So it should come as no surprise, that one taste by the right person was all it took to fuel the idea of bringing Number JUAN Tequila to America and ideally, to people around the world. 

Alex Reymundo, Mexican-American comedian, discovered Destileria Rivesca in 2011 and it was love at first sip. It was clear that Nestor Rivera, the Master Distiller, was truly an artist. When he realized this exceptional tequila wasn’t being distributed in the United States, Reymundo knew he was going to be the one to change that. In a business, developing a superior product is typically the most challenging part. In this instance, that part of the equation was complete — it was just a matter of getting the right people on board and working out the logistics.

 “Getting to know Nestor Rivera and his family  was a defining moment in my life,” said Reymundo. “It allowed me to witness their humility and dedication to the tradition of their craft. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of and ultimately, led to me becoming the Founder of Number JUAN Tequila.”

Reymundo started sharing Number JUAN Tequila with anyone and everyone he knew. Seeing the expression on people’s faces when they tried the spirit for the first time and being astonished with how delicious it was is something that never got old. The consistent positive feedback and interactions just proved what Reymundo knew all along — this tequila was special. But one individual who gave it a try decided to offer more than words of affirmation. As it turned out, Reymundo’s long-time friend and fellow comedian, Ron White, ended up being the one to come along for the ride. The two met in 1986 and have shared in countless laughs and adventures over the years. This entrepreneurial endeavor was just one more thing to add to the list. 

“It was the best liquor I had ever tasted and that’s saying a lot,” stated White. “But it was more than that. I knew Number JUAN Tequila meant everything to him [Reymundo] and I believed in my dear friend, this product and the possibilities for what we could achieve together.”

The two didn’t know it at the time, but the missing piece to the puzzle, Rich Espe, would serendipitously fall into place as well. Espe was a well-respected name in the Las Vegas alcohol industry. He had an impressive track record working with big name brands and a reputation for delivering on his promises. Reymundo and White had enough grit, determination and personality but were novices when it came to the inner workings of the world of wine and spirits. They had taken Number JUAN Tequila impressively far up until this point and were able to get samples of it to Espe and his leadership team. 

As expected, the tequila got rave reviews and that paved the path for Espe to become a part of the team. And it was a beautiful partnership between three like-minded, hardworking individuals wanting to do something that mattered to them. As it turned out, Espe was at a place in his life where he was seeking something more meaningful and with less of a corporate atmosphere. So when the opportunity came about to become a partner and CEO of Number JUAN Tequila, Espe gladly jumped on board. 

“When I met Alex and Ron, we became fast friends,” said Espe. “I don’t know what it is about them, but you just want to see them succeed. They are genuinely good guys who aren’t afraid to work hard, which makes it easy to trust them as comrades and business partners.” 

All three of them have admitted it hasn’t always been easy but that it’s been extremely rewarding and fun. And what they lack in budget and resources, they make up for with an amazing product and unwavering passion. Everyone who is a part of the Number JUAN Tequila team is literally (or figuratively) a family. From a very young age, Reymundo’s parents instilled in him the belief that anything is possible with hard work and your heart in the right place. They would also remind Reymundo of the fact that even though their family came to America when he was just two, Mexico was his home. That was something that stuck with him over the years and when Number JUAN Tequila came to fruition, Reymundo knew he wanted to find a way to honor his late father through this business by including his picture on the bottle — building a legacy in the process. 

Tequila That Delivers Authentic Flavor And Fun

The secret to great tequila is having a Master Distiller like Nestor Rivera who has an innate understanding of the plants and how to meticulously execute every step of the process. This is especially important considering this spirit only has a few main ingredients: Water, agave and in the case of Number JUAN Tequila, love. The company is on a mission to make the most exceptional tequila accessible to the masses. No diffuser or additives, each one of the brand’s award-winning tequilas are distilled to perfection.

The Blanco

Our agave is allowed to fully mature before harvest. Using natural spring water from the great volcano Tequila, a double distillation process is administered delivering a smoothness with all the test of Mexico in a superior Blanco that can be sipped.

The Reposado

Grace under pressure. A unique double barrel blend of French & American oak barrels aged 9 months to perfection creates a superior Reposado with body and character in a class of its own.

The Extra Anejo

Aged 3.5 years in retired and charred white oak American Bourbon barrels, allows every essence from the barrel to come forth. A work of art emerges delivering an amazing Tequila. Earth, barrel to bottle, this 11 year process simply delivers a superior and world-class spirit.

The JUAN In A Million

Aged 116 months, this limited edition bottle encompasses all the love and tradition of Distileria Rivesca. 2,500 liters were set aside from the first batch of Number JUAN Blanco to age in retired white oak American bourbon Barrels until now, resulting in this JUAN in a Million tequila. Only 3,000 bottles were produced and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  

While the Number JUAN Tequila product line continues to exceed expectations, the brand is equally as focused on fostering a culture of fun. Part of that involves collaborating with Cabo Yacht Charters, a top all-inclusive luxury excursion company. Travelers are invited to take a ride on the 100 foot Number JUAN yacht which accommodates up to 30 guests while providing access to a private chef and personal bartender who will be pouring Number JUAN Tequila all day long! Countless celebrities and those who have an appreciation for making priceless memories have been seen aboard this flagship yacht with a smile on their face and a glass of Number JUAN Tequila in hand. It’s high quality fun at its finest. The road to get here has been a long, winding and worthwhile one.  

“It has been a constant and continuous labor of love,” said Reymundo. “If someone would have told me everything it would take to get Number JUAN Tequila to where it is today, I don’t know if I would have gone through with this business. However, looking back on this entire experience, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Number JUAN Tequila has competed in numerous national tequila festivals and were awarded with 2 bronze, 2 silver, 16 gold and 1 platinum medals — along with best in show for packaging. Most recently, the tequila earned a total of six gold and double gold awards at the highly regarded PR%F Awards. Every blind tasting festival the company has entered over the last decade has received top honors. Critics are simply confirming what Reymundo knew the first time he experienced Number JUAN Tequila.

“We are essentially David going up against countless Goliaths and are having  to continuously find creative ways to get our tequila into the hands (and glasses) of the right people,” said White. “Once they taste it, we’re golden. The product is the real deal and it speaks for itself.”

Throughout this journey, Reymundo has had many proud moments. However, there are four achievements that top them all. Since the inception of Number JUAN Tequila, Reymundo has found a way to honor his parents’ sacrifice that allowed him the opportunity to realize the American dream. He has helped the Rivesca Distillery grow from 13 employees to 60 employees. He has successfully introduced something authentic and beautiful from Mexico to the United States. And he has continued to source the packaging materials (glass, caps, and labels) locally from Mexico while maintaining the integrity of the tequila that started it all. 

Taking A Glass-Half-Full Approach To The Future

Currently, Number JUAN Tequila is in 39 states (soon to be 40) with the ultimate goal of expanding throughout the entire United States and beyond. Building an international presence is a vision within reach. Finding ways to work with and give back to the US Military/USO is a big focus for the brand in 2024 as this group of heroes have always supported Number JUAN Tequila’s endeavors.  

The end game is to be a household name for people who are aficionados and who appreciate a good spirit,” said Espe. “We want them to look at Number JUAN Tequila with reverence and to proudly and publicly make the statement that it’s absolutely fantastic!” 

The future for Number JUAN Tequila looks bright as the team continues seeking out the tools and resources they need to grow. Filled with grit, determination and a ton of excitement, this tequila-loving trio is committed to achieving growth without compromise. From day one, Number JUAN Tequila was built upon the foundation of staying true to who they are and what inspired this entrepreneurial venture in the first place. It’s about providing an amazing, premium tequila to the masses for a reasonable price. Reymundo, White, and Espe are getting to do something they love and believe in with people they love and believe in — it doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you add a bottle of Number JUAN Tequila to the mix! 

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