Shaking Up The Spirits Industry In All The Right Ways

The Holistic Spirits Co. was founded by wellness entrepreneur Amy Holmwood alongside world-renowned actor and outspoken environmentalist, Woody Harrelson. Together, they believe in the importance of creating thoughtful, sustainable, plant-based spirits consumers can (literally and figuratively) feel good about drinking. Using a proprietary blend of plant botanicals, Holistic Spirits Co. fills a void in the alcohol industry by offering products that are better for our bodies and the planet. 

Fittingly enough, the partnership between Holmwood and Harrelson came about in a very natural way. Thanks to the connection of a mutual friend, Holmwood was able to send a bottle of the first batch of Origen vodka to Harrelson. After trying it, he knew Holmwood had created something special and expressed interest in becoming more involved with the brand. Being that Holistic Spirits Co. was still in the proof of concept stage, it was extremely invigorating and reassuring to know that someone like Harrelson wanted to come along for the journey. 

“The first time my wife and I tried Origen Vodka, we loved the taste and the fact that we felt perfect the next day,” said Harrelson. “I was very excited about the holistic spirits concept and immediately knew I wanted to be involved with a brand that was going to disrupt the spirits industry for the better.”

Both Holmwood and Harrelson had wondered for years why botanicals and superfoods had not yet been introduced into spirits. It seemed like a natural next step for the industry, yet no one had done it — until now. Holistic Spirits Co. is about more than innovation. It’s about recognizing an unmet need in the alcohol category and embracing a beneficial lifestyle change that doesn’t involve cutting out drinking altogether. Holmwood understood that alcohol plays a significant role in people’s social lives and that it’s here to stay. People deserved to enjoy a glass, or a few, of their favorite spirit without suffering the ramifications. Keeping that in mind, the entrepreneur inside of her was begging for a solution she could truly get behind. It had to be something Holmwood could be excited about and it had to provide a benefit. As she would come to realize, creating Origen Vodka and Harmony Gin checked all the boxes.

“Most people didn’t believe it was possible to make a spirit that’s less bad for you until Holistic Spirits Co. came along and proved that it is,” said Holmwood. “Having the opportunity to work on something that can significantly impact the future of the spirits industry while doing good for people and the environment is about more than a drink — it’s a movement.”

Taking the initial idea and turning it into a reality was not an easy task. Holmwood started from scratch and without any experience in the alcohol industry. However, having worked in the health and wellness field for a decade, she had successfully educated others on ways to heal their bodies in more natural ways. Putting that knowledge to good use, Holmwood began searching for ways to incorporate the power of supplements and herbs into what would become proprietary Holistic Spirits Co. products. Working with plant scientists and molecular biologists, Holmwood was able to observe the research taking place regarding natural modalities as cures for diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s. These findings directly influenced the carefully curated ingredients found in both Origen Vodka and Harmony Gin. 

Countless rounds of testing, adhering to regulations regarding alcohol production, ensuring ingredients were FDA-approved, filing for utility patents, and more took place over the course of four years. There were no shortcuts taken in the making of Holistic Spirits Co. and Holmwood and Harrelson wouldn’t have it any other way. The flavor, the color and the way these drinks make people feel better than other alcoholic beverage alternatives was something they were determined to get right. Part of that equation meant being transparent about the ingredients. In a world filled with gimmicks and facades, Holistic Spirits Co. was determined to give consumers a true taste of authenticity. 

It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters Most

The ideal combination of science, sustainability, and artisanal distillation has resulted in Holistic Spirits Co. Origen Vodka and Harmony Gin. Making a concerted effort to use as many organic ingredients as possible, everything element within these bottles have been carefully curated and sourced from all over the world. The botanicals themselves make up a small percentage but make a surprisingly significant difference in the taste and effects of the spirit. 

Origen Vodka

This 74 proof spirit will change the way you think about botanical vodkas. Its aesthetically pleasing rose hue is a perfect introduction to the subtle hint of round vanilla notes and balanced acidity that follows. Infused with a scientifically patent-pending blend of elderberry, muscadine grape, artichoke and green tea, Origen specialty vodka offers a distinct and delightful taste. It is also absent of artificial flavors, colors, GMOs, or additives — and it’s gluten-free!

Harmony Gin

This 90 proof spirit will be the best botanical gin to ever fill your glass. In addition to being infused with the same scientifically patent-pending blend as Origen Vodka, Harmony gin is distilled with orris root, hyssop coriander seed, lemon peel, lime peel, angelica root, and juniper berries. The result is a luscious, floral-forward sipping gin with just the right hint of vanilla free of artificial flavors, colors, GMOs, and additives.

Vodka As The Clear Choice

Every story has its start and for Holistic Spirits Co. the narrative began with vodka. When distilled properly, it is sugar-free, can be made in a day and has very few impurities. Knowing all this, vodka was an ideal first product for a brand looking to provide cleaner spirits to consumers. And it didn’t hurt that Harrelson was a long-time vegan who also happened to enjoy vodka. 

“In my industry, a lot of people drink vodka because it’s lighter and doesn’t pack on the pounds like other alcohol does,” said Harrelson. “Amy was already working on Origen when our paths crossed and I thought it was a brilliant concept. I appreciate that it’s not overpowering in flavor and even more importantly, I love the effect of it.”

The ethanol base of vodka is simple in and of itself, but Holmwood realized that it’s what happens after that part of the process that matters. Looking at various ingredients such as corn, wheat, sugar, potato and more, each option was thoroughly tested to determine what would be less toxic to the cells. Particularly focusing on liver-based cells, Origen Vodka was designed based on how the specific botanicals would marry with the base spirits and interact with the human body. It ended up that wheat was the best option for the vodka, which is completely gluten-free. And for the gin, an organic corn-base ended up being the best choice. Countless iterations took place to eventually land on the proper blending, optimal chemical reactions and enhanced flavor profiles that exist in the Holistic Spirits Co. products on the market today. 

“Our Origen Vodka is very unique in flavor, color and texture,” said Holmwood. “It’s very velvety and a little heavier so it can pass as a whiskey or a bourbon, especially in cocktail mixology. We make an old fashioned with it that’s absolutely phenomenal!”

After successfully developing Origen Vodka and Harmony Gin, it would be possible for Holmwood and Harrelson to apply the same innovative technology to other spirits. It’s all about a natural order of progression and growing at the right pace and the right time. But one thing is for sure — the spirit industry will feel the effects (all good ones, of course) of what Holistic Spirits Co. has been able to accomplish. As consumers continue to become more conscious about what they are putting into their bodies and have higher expectations, Holmwood and Harrelson will continue to deliver. 

Raise A Glass To Raising Standards

Holistic Spirits Co. is a brand that is just getting started. With visions of garnering international recognition and worldwide distribution, the possibilities are endless. With many consumers asking for ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, Holistic Spirits is likely to explore those areas as well. The brand is also in the process of becoming a certified B company, which should be completed this year. At the same time, Holmwood and Harrelson plan to film a documentary that will teach other entrepreneurs how to become a certified B company in a more feasible and affordable way. 

“We are learning throughout the entire process, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting,” said Holmwood. “Woody and I are looking forward to collaborating on up and coming concepts for the brand that continue to align with who we are and our mission.”

Making the world a better place is a definitive part of the Holistic Spirits Co. brand identity. From planting a tree for every bottle sold with to helping feed communities in need with to working with local charities in areas where Origen and Harmony can be found — Holmwood and Harrelson believe that giving back is part of living a holistically-minded life.

By maintaining a sense of authenticity in all they do, Holistic Spirits Co. hopes to attract like-minded changemakers. It’s about piquing curiosity and disrupting the alcohol industry in a way that opens people’s eyes to what’s feasible when passion and purpose are put to good use. 

“I am proud of the fact that I truly embrace the lifestyle Holistic Spirits Co. represents,” said Harrelson. “As a thirty-year vegan who cares about the health of people and the planet, I genuinely enjoy and believe in our products that were created with the intention of making a difference.”  

Visit the official Holistic Spirits Co. website to purchase a bottle of Origen Vodka or Harmony Gin. 

You’ll also find detailed descriptions of the ingredients along with their benefits. 

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