Alaska Distillery Cookbook Delivers Untamed Flavor of Alaska Style Cuisine

Alaska Distillery Cookbook Delivers Untamed Flavor of Alaska Style CuisineEnjoy the true spirit and culinary adventures of Alaska without ever leaving home, thanks to The Alaska Distillery Cookbook, the top selling cookbook of America’s 49th state. Inside are 85 recipes for original yet easy-to-prepare meals, from tantalizing Emperor’s Halibut, and Steak Sinatra with Alaskan Bison and Linguine to Blackstone Bay Spinach Salad with a Birch Flambé, and Mashers with Blue Cheese, Bacon and Gin. Inventive cocktail and dessert creations round out the adventure.

In addition to the use of indigenous Alaskan ingredients, each recipe is imbued with the distinctive glacier-distilled spirits of Alaska Distillery. To bring home the untamed character of Alaska, the cookbook shows each dish in bold, highly detailed photography. All recipes are designed to be easily adaptable to local market foods as well.

The Alaska Distillery Cookbook is the creation of Mark J. Bly, also known as The Flying Chef, a Boeing 747 airline captain whose passion is traveling the world in search of the best cuisines to adapt to his native Alaska.

Chef Bly comments: “I am delighted to create this one-of-a-kind cookbook combining the bounty of the Alaskan wilderness with the ingenious and natural spirits produced by Alaska Distillery. In Alaska, food and drink is meant to be savored and shared with no boundaries, and I believe this cookbook can deliver on that ethos for the remaining 49 states as well.”

An artisan spirits producer, Alaska Distillery, the first distillery of Alaska, uses only the purest water ‘harvested’ from the glacial ice of Alaska’s fabled Prince William Sound, and then painstakingly distills its spirits in small batches. Alaska Distillery also will be taking to the airwaves in Alaska Proof, a new reality television show premiering this summer on a leading cable network.

An innovative gem of culinary treasure as rich and varied as the state it honors, The Alaska Distillery Cookbook is available for purchase at $14.95, plus shipping and handling. To order, visit A collection of free Alaska-inspired recipes are also on the web site.