Alice Wilkinson to Speak at the 2015 Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar Chicago

Alice Wilkinson will be one of the speakers at the
2015 Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications
Seminar in Chicago, Illinois

Alice Wilkinson to Speak at the 2015 Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar Chicago

West Haven, CT –   Watson Inc. is proud to announce that Alice Wilkinson, VP of Nutritional Innovation at Watson, will be one of the speakers at the 2015 Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. Wilkinson will be one of the speakers in the Healthful Formulations track, at the upcoming seminar in August 2015. Wilkinson’s topics will be “the use of value-added ingredients and technologies to improve nutrient premix quality and performance”.

Topics covered in Wilkinson’s presentation will include the selection of the appropriate nutrient forms for your application, based on physical characteristics such as color, flavor impact, solubility, and effect on pH. Wilkinson will also discuss when particle sizes should be changed to improve homogeneity and flowability, prevent segregation and dustiness, or compression profiles using technology such as milling, micronizing, agglomeration, and granulation.  Other topics addressed include microencapsulation technologies, such as hot melt, aqueous coat, solvent-based and spray drying.  The differences and benefits of each technology will be outlined, along with selection of coating materials. Electron microscope photography allows the demonstration of a good versus poor coating, which would not be revealed in an assay. Electron microscope photos will also be shown to illustrate the difference between a true trituration, and a blend.  This distinction is critical for certain nutrients, such as vitamin B-12 1%. Lastly, Wilkinson will review why formulators of Nutritional Foods and Beverages should consider the advantages of using a custom nutritional premix for fortification or enrichment. 

Wilkinson’s technical session will take place on the second day of the event, Wednesday August 5, 2015 at 9:15 AM.

As stated on the events website: “Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar Is a practical, 2-day applications-oriented event, dedicated to further-educating the food & beverage industry’s formulators on specific application challenges.” The website also states: “The R&D Seminar was developed specifically to help further-educate formulators from food/beverage, ingredient, and service companies. Those who should attend include:  Bench-level R&D, Technical service, Middle R&D management, Product formulators, Quality Control, and Application R&D.” You can learn more about the seminar, see the event schedule, and register at the following web site:

About Alice Wilkinson:

Alice Wilkinson has been working at Watson for 15 years, and is currently the Vice President of Nutritional Innovation.  She attended the University of Connecticut, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and her Master’s degree in Food Science. 

About Watson:

Watson is one of the highest-quality suppliers of products and services geared towards enhancing human health and nutrition around the world. We are a leader in developing quality products and innovative ingredient systems for the food and supplement industries. Expertise in custom nutrient premixes, microencapsulation, agglomeration, micronizing, spray drying, and film technology allow us to develop unique formulations and products using Watson-manufactured, value-added ingredients. For more information on Watson see