Bitten: A food Conversation

Bitten: A food Conversation

Bitten: A food ConversationBitten ( is a startup that considers food a pillar of pop culture and explores the space through the lens of creativity, technology, innovation and trends. We’re primarily known for a series of main stage conferences, hosted annually, that feature some of the most prominent and interesting people in the food space—those making a difference and innovating. Secondarily, we use our food, trends and consumer expertise through a brand strategy consultancy that works in the CPG and restaurant world.

Over the last decade, the role of food in our lives has changed significantly. It’s no longer just about satisfaction or hunger. It’s about nourishment and mindfulness. It’s become a symbol of style, the way fashion used to be. We identify ourselves to the world by what and where we eat. Social media has played a major role in this, tying the visual aesthetic of a beautiful or a hip restaurant and taking it from a singular experience to the masses.Bitten: A food Conversation

And while food is one of the only threads that connects all humans, the conversation about the future of food had been reserved for those working within the space. The creative class, those obsessed with trends and aesthetic, the ones posting Instagram photos of their grain bowls and standing in line for an Impossible Burgers, weren’t engaged in the conversation. In fact, many of them didn’t consider food an innovative and technologically advanced space.

We decided to change that by hosting TED-style conferences that were solution oriented. Our speakers talk about their businesses and their work in the space in the context of their impact and not of the problems within food (though, of course, that comes up in the solutions.) In addition, we host a series of branded events with partners, including dinners and more intimate talks to engage a wider audience.

Our upcoming main stage event in Los Angeles on October 28th features a talk on the evolution of the LA food scene by renowned restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold; a talk on building a kind coffee empire by Todd Carmichael, TV host and the founder and CEO of La Colombe; insights into how vegetables have become a trend by the woman whose company has been responsible for introducing kiwis and other fruits to the American market, Karen Caplan of Frieda’s and other talks on the science of flavor, the convergence of sci-fi and food, leaving a popular band to become a chef, and much more.  Tickets are available at (use code Bitten50 for half off!).