KEGGY Awards Tap DeWitt with Ambassador Award

KEGGY Awards Tap DeWitt with Ambassador Award

Creator of Sixty Vines, Whiskey Cake recognized for wines-on-tap program

KEGGY Awards Tap DeWitt with Ambassador AwardRandy DeWitt, CEO of Dallas-based Front Burner Restaurants, received a prestigious KEGGY Award yesterday for his inclusion of exceptional wine on tap programs at his innovative restaurant concepts, including The Ranch at Las ColinasWhiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar and the all-new Sixty Vines.

Free Flow Wines’ KEGGY Awards recognize the most exceptional and sustainable wine on tap programs nationwide. DeWitt received the Restaurant Ambassador Award.KEGGY Awards Tap DeWitt with Ambassador Award

The recently opened Sixty Vines, an original wine country-inspired concept in Plano, Tex., was specifically noted in its recognition of DeWitt. The restaurant features more than 60 wines by the glass and over 40 wines on tap, including the restaurant’s own ultra-premium custom-label wines.

“When I discovered wine on tap, I knew it was a revolutionary concept that we needed to be a part of,” said DeWitt. “Sixty Vines embodies everything that wine should be – enjoyable, delicious and sustainable. I am very honored to receive a KEGGY Award in recognition of our advocacy of wines on tap.”

KEGGY Awards Tap DeWitt with Ambassador AwardWine on tap is an eco-friendly way to serve and enjoy wine. Each glass is served at the perfect temperature and the nitrogen-pressurized keg keeps it from spoiling. Each keg of wine is reused, which saves 26 bottles from going to a landfill. That’s 2,340 lbs. of trash over its lifetime.

Justin Beam, Sixty Vines’ General Manager, traveled to Jamieson Ranch Vineyards in Napa on Oct. 20 for the 3rd annual KEGGY Awards ceremony.

“Wine on tap programs should be recognized more broadly both for their contributions to wine quality and to environmental sustainability,” said Beam. “I’m pleased to accept this award on behalf of Randy and the Front Burner team. We will continue to do our part to democratize wine and remove all the pretense.”

About Sixty Vines

Sixty Vines invites you to come as you are and enjoy a new attitude about wine culture. With 60 wines by the glass, over 40 wines on tap, and an extensive bottle and craft beer list, Sixty Vines has a pour for everyone. Our menu is inspired by wine country cuisine, our open scratch kitchen delights every sense and our knowledgeable staff can help you pair each dish with the perfect glass. Because food tastes better with wine. For more information, please visit

About Free Flow Wines

Free Flow Wines is the pioneer of premium wine on tap, delivering the world’s leading wine brands to the taps of restaurants and venues nationwide. Free Flow’s keg leasing, filling and logistics services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move to a more sustainable way of serving the freshest, best tasting glass of wine – on tap. Founded in 2009, Free Flow has more than 250 wine brands in keg, from wineries throughout the US, New Zealand, South America and Europe. Their customers’ wines are offered at a variety of restaurants, premium hotels, sports and entertainment venues across the US. Free Flow Wines is located in Napa, California, and you can find them online at, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr @FreeFlowWine.