KOPU: American Premium Water That Sets The Ultimate Sustainability Standard

In a world where our culture is more and more embracing empathy with each other and the planet, the status quo of bottled water served in restaurants and hotels is not embracing these tectonic shifts. Until now. KOPU Water has emerged as a leader with a modern American, quality-driven bottled water that provides a complete sustainability solution for dining and hospitality.


KOPU: The Eco-Pioneer of American Premium Water


Sourced from a spring within the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, with both spring and sparkling options, KOPU has garnered accolades for its award winning taste.

“Diners and guests of restaurants and hotels more and more want to have a positive impact on the local communities and environment they are visiting. The standard heavy glass bottles from Europe being imported from thousands of miles away has become out of step with our increasingly farm to table culinary movement and customer expectations. Our family launched KOPU Water five years ago to address this misalignment and drive substantial positive change.” Says founder Justin Mahy.

KOPU spring is naturally alkaline with a pH of 8, it is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It also benefits from naturally-occurring silica, known as the “beauty mineral” for its hair, nail, and skin enhancing properties. KOPU sparkling has tiny fine-champagne like bubbles and was voted top three best tasting sparkling waters in the world at the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting.

KOPU packages their water exclusively within beautiful sleek aluminum bottles. This is done with intention considering that 75% of all aluminum ever created in the history of mankind is still in use today.

KOPU took the concept of “recyclability” to “guaranteed recycled” with the launch of the KOPU Aluminum Stewardship program in Q4 of 2022. KOPU picks up all empty bottles as well as aluminum cans and ensures their recycling. This is a free service and also includes recycling infrastructure which is provided to their dining and hospitality clients. Customers include Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Belmond, Aman hotels and resorts across the US as well as independents such as The Little Nell, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, Acqualina Resort and Hotel Californian.

“One of our biggest world problems is packaging waste, so to build a company that is authentically sustainable is important to us. Aluminum is highly recyclable. Sixty days after our bottles are recycled, they will re-emerge as a can of soda or maybe a Tesla! It’s the sustainability wonder material.” says fellow founder Mindy Mahy.

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KOPU’s commitment to excellence has made them trailblazers, catching the attention and garnering the support of esteemed professionals in the industry. Now, KOPU Water will be served at Richard Sandoval Hospitality locations nationwide. Chef Richard Sandoval believes in KOPU’s mission and together they will use their intention-driven approach to create a harmonious experience for guests and their local environment.

KOPU is a family-run business with a mission to embrace a new era of luxury by offering water of unparalleled quality while prioritizing health of both people and the Earth. Expect nothing short of remarkable achievements as they make a large impact and set new standards in the industry.

For more information, please visit www.KOPUWater.com, or follow them on instagram @kopuwater.