An Interview With Chef Roger Mooking: Great Eats, Great Beats.

Roger Mooking is a celebrity chef, television host, cookbook author and award winning recording artist.

An Interview With Chef Roger Mooking: Great Eats, Great Beats.

Trinidadian born chef Roger Mooking has earned a reputation as one of North America’s premier Chefs by developing a culinary philosophy built on perfect execution of globally inspired culinary traditions. As a third generation restaurateur and chef he began his formal training through the esteemed George Brown Culinary Management Program where he graduated with Top Honors and is now the Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee.

Roger continued his training at Toronto’s world-renowned Royal York Hotel before co-owning and consulting on many food and beverage operations. Currently Roger is working with Pearson International Airport to open “Twist by Roger Mooking”; a restaurant, set to open in summer 2014, that takes a global twist on locally sourced North American comfort foods. Roger’s restaurants has been on various “Best Of” lists and he was recently awarded the “Premiers Award” for excellence in the field of Creative Arts and Design.

He is the Host and Co-Creator of his own Internationally broadcast television series Everyday Exotic. His award-winning cookbook, based on the show, explores paring ingredients from all corners of the globe with everyday meals. He is also the Co-host of Heat Seekers airing on Food Network and Host of Man Fire Food on Cooking Channel. Roger is a reoccurring judge on Chopped Canada, which premiered to an all-time audience record high for Food Network Canada. His culinary talents have led to appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Marilyn Denis, Top Chef Canada and Iron Chef to name a few.

An Interview With Chef Roger Mooking: Great Eats, Great Beats.

In addition, Roger is a Juno award winning recording artist who has graced the stage with artists such as James Brown and Celine Dion. His album “Feedback” was released summer 2013. According to Roger ‘food feeds the body, music feeds the soul. It’s all food in various forms’. “Feedback” is available on iTunes.

But for Roger, what is most important is being a dedicated husband and father of four girls.

You could say Roger has a full plate!

What’s your first memory of your love for cooking?

  • Fold Wontons in the kitchen with my dad.

When did you know you wanted to be a Chef?  

  • I was 3 and my aunt asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up.

What do you love most about your job?  

  • Creating things every single day. Food or Music.

An Interview With Chef Roger Mooking: Great Eats, Great Beats.

Describe your style in three words. 

  • Globally inspired cuisine.

What’s your favorite dish to create? 

  • The last dish i make.

If you had to cook a nice meal in 30 minutes, what would you cook?

  • This happens daily and its never the same thing twice.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from? 

  • My mood on that day drives the process.

What four ingredients are necessary in your kitchen? 

  • Kosher Salt, Lemons, Fresh Herbs, Coconut Oil.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you make?  

  • The Obama Family. Crab and Dumplings.

When you go out to eat, where do you go?  

  • Pho. I could eat this every single day.

What are you most proud of in your career? 

  • Balancing the making of food and music at a high level.

Who is your biggest supporter?  

  • My family.

An Interview With Chef Roger Mooking: Great Eats, Great Beats.

What would you want to have as your last meal?  

  • Today, it’s Irene Wongs blueberry pie.

What is the longest you ever worked without a break in the kitchen?

  • Two days.

Do you do the cooking at home? 

  • Absolutely, when im home.

What was your biggest mistake when you were a brand new chef? 

  • Trying to show off what i have learned over the years on every plate.

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