An Overview On Alkaline Water: Utilizing Water Delivery Services

Does choosing to drink Alkaline water really make much of a difference?

As you probably already know, water is the most abundant resource found on Planet Earth. However, while the Earth may be composed of roughly 75% water, only 3% of this water is considered “fresh,” and safe for human consumption. To make things more complicated, 2.5% of this water is inaccessible to us – being either frozen in the arctic or several hundred kilometers below ground. This leaves us with only roughly 0.5% available for our consumption.

Pretty surprising, don’t you think?

Water is one of the most critical necessities of all living beings. It would not even be an exaggeration to say that it is the most important – a commodity no one can live without, as it is vital in maintaining homeostasis as you can read more about in this article. To think that 7 billion people in the world have to share 0.5% of fresh water sources accessible to humankind, one can only imagine how just how massive this 0.5% still is.

On the consumer side, we know that our options include spring, tap, purified, distilled, or alkaline water – but is there even any real difference?

Let’s find out!

What Is Alkaline Water?

If you just take one sip from these different types of water, you may not be able to tell the difference right away. They do each have slight variations when it comes to taste, but nothing that is significantly noticeable. This is because H2O has a neutral taste. It doesn’t taste like anything in particular so it is understandable why many people believe it is all just the same.

However, there is a fundamental difference here: Composition.

Raw, unfiltered water contains impurities. These impurities can be good, bad, or both. From mineral compounds like Calcium or Potassium, bacteria, dirt, sand, many types of substances can be mixed in the water you drink. The water made available to us in the consumer market has generally undergone filtration processes that isolate these impurities and remove them before consumption.. While purified or distilled H2O is a common go-to choice for people, we also have Alkaline water– which leaves all the bad impurities out and comes infused with many other health benefits.

Alkaline water is believed to have more therapeutic effects compared to other types of water. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it has a higher pH level (8.5 or 9 in contrast to the usual 7), which many believe can help neutralize acidity within the body. For example, the normal pH range for blood would be from a 7.35 to a 7.45 pH level. The normal range for the pH level of water is from 6.8 to 8.5 pH level according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as seen here:

Higher Ph water, or Alkaline water is also believed to help prevent bone loss as well as slow down the aging process due to its antioxidant properties. Although some of these findings are still up for debate within the scientific community, many followers of Alkaline water drinking have religiously brought to light its positive effects on human health time and time again.

If you are looking into the best way to purchase high quality alkaline water, here’s a good option to consider: Delivery!

Why Have Your Alkaline Water Delivered To Your Doorstep?

Getting your supply of alkaline water delivered directly to your doorstep is cheaper than buying bottled ones in your local deli or grocery store. Since we fundamentally rely on water for survival , we tend to buy bottle after bottle each day, and can end up racking up to about 60$ to 100$ per month without even realizing it! For this reason, alkaline water delivery services have become a viable, sustainable and cost-effective option for people who want to manage their expenses while also having access to high quality alkaline water at the same time!

By opting for monthly delivery, you can get your water supply in gallon jugs and, in turn, save anywhere from $60-$100 per month. This is considerable cost savings without needing to sacrifice quality – a darn good deal, we’d say!

Why All The Fuss About High Quality Drinking Water Anyway?

Gas Diffusion

We exhale carbon dioxide regularly as a part of our body’s daily functioning. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a byproduct released by our cells after they have processed O2 or Oxygen, which is carried in from outside the body. Carbon dioxide is generally toxic, as humans can’t contain it within our bodies in large quantities. Drinking enough high quality water each day helps diffuse this gas from our bloodstream to our lungs so that we can then exhale it and release it from the body.. This is a continuous, never-ending process with no breaks or pauses which is why it is crucial that we drink enough high quality H2O daily.


Our human bodies are so precisely regulated that we will automatically adjust our internal temperature depending on the atmospheric temperature outside. The Hypothalamus, a part of our brain, controls this regulatory function in real-time, allowing our body to adjust to the environment’s temperature as needed.

In cold weather, our body heats up to compensate, and in hot weather, we sweat to cool off our body. Sweat is secreted by our  eccrine sweat gland (see reference:, and with it, water is excreted as well. We lose fluids and electrolytes during this process, so we have to drink more water to compensate. Water is essential in regulating our body’s temperature, so it is critical to stay hydrated especially on hot, summer days.

Blood Pressure And Blood Volume

There is a famous phrase “blood is thicker than water”, but did you know that blood is made up largely of H2O? Plasma is liquid and it is what carries red blood cells (RBCs) throughout our entire body. Plasma is composed of water for the most part. Thus, we can say that it also influences our blood circulation. With 80% of the human body made up of water, one shouldn’t be surprised why it is so vital for our day to day functioning!

It is vital for those who have sustained a significant amount of blood loss from an injury to stay  continuously hydrated. When there is significant blood loss, blood pressure decreases, making it hard for the heart to pump blood and distribute it throughout our body. Treatments of severe blood loss include solutions with water as the base to increase blood pressure and volume.

Eliminating Toxins In Our Body

Our liver detoxifies toxins that can harm our body. Drugs ingested and absorbed through our digestive system undergo detoxification in the liver. After the body takes the nutritional content it needs, it omits the byproducts through – you guessed it – micturition or urination. Since we lose H2O and electrolytes when we urinate, we need to frequently rehydrate to compensate!

In conclusion, alkaline water is an excellent option for people who want to get the most out of water they drink. While drinking a sufficient amount of regular H2O is vital for our health, switching to alkaline water can produce a myriad of other health benefits, as the pH of the body is better balanced, leading to increased overall health.

Stay safe and hydrated, readers!