Antonio Villard Announces The Great Giveaway

Antonio Villard Announces The Great GiveawayAntonio Villard recently announced that they are going to start giving away everything and anything that isn’t nailed down during the next six months, including, perhaps, the kitchen sink.  Kicking off by offering a referral program that includes giving loyal customers free cigars, Antonio Villard is certain to create quite a bit of excitement with large prizes and plenty of incentives.

“Everyone, especially, our loyal customers, deserve free cigars and phenomenal prizes.  The Great Giveaway, which starts with our ‘Tell A Friend and Get Free Cigars’ Promotion, is too good of an offer to pass up, even if the title isn’t the most clever.  I mean, seriously.  Who doesn’t like free stuff?  Can you think of anyone who is anti-free?  That’s what I thought.  Neither can I.  Let’s just hope that we don’t drive ourselves out of business with everything that is coming in the next couple of months,” said Tristan McMurphy, Antonio Villard’s Chief Operations Officer.

But this isn’t just about giving away amazing electronic cigars, there is plenty of other free stuff coming just over the horizon, for both new and loyal customers.  With names like “The All Star Getaway Giveaway” and “Where In The World Is Antonio Villard?” the coming months are sure to be filled with plenty of exciting opportunities to experience the Villard Life.  Will it be a party that is held in your honor?  Maybe.  Or what about interstellar travel for you and two of your closest friends?  That one might depend on whether NASA accepts the bride money…er, the “contribution to science.”

“Legally, we can’t promise anything where would be held liable for shenanigans, such as the destruction of property, loss of dignity or photos on your phone that you don’t remember taking, but I CAN tell you that some of the things that we will be doing for our customers are “once in a lifetime” experiences.  We are a company that is centered on enjoying the finer things in life and we want our customers to be a part of that,” McMurphy continued.

Curious to see what’s next?  The only way you will know for sure what Antonio Villard is up to is by staying connected via their website, social media accounts, carrier pigeon networks or smoke signals.

About Antonio Villard:

Antonio Villard is a premium electronic cigar company that is based in Arizona. Since 2011, Antonio Villard has been innovating, distributing and selling electronic cigars around the world. Visit them at


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