Aperity Launches Beverage Industry’s First Open Community-Centric Data Management and Analytics Solution for Supply Chain Partners

Aperity, Inc., an innovative provider of data management and analytic solutions for supply chain partners, announces the launch of its revolutionary Beverage Data Exchange, the industry’s first open community-centric data solution that helps facilitate business insights between supply chain partners.

Beverage companies and their supply chain partners are tired of being beholden to closed platforms for their data and are increasingly concerned about data quality and data governance. Aperity’s open Beverage Data Exchange transforms how data is shared.

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“We hear constantly from Beverage companies and their supply chain partners that they are fed up with the industry norm of inflexible one-size-fits-all black box products. They are tired of being beholden to closed platforms for their data and are increasingly concerned about their data quality and data governance, especially in terms of visibility, accuracy, speed and transparency,” said John Madalon, Aperity Founder and CEO. “The entire Beverage ecosystem is looking for an alternative solution and we believe it is time for a fundamental shift in how business is done. Our resulting Beverage Data Exchange truly changes the landscape with an open, inclusive platform and marketplace that puts our clients back in control, allowing them to see and touch their data at every step of the process.”

Since its founding in 2005, Aperity has been a data analytics provider focused on accelerating accurate insights. Its team learned over time, however, that as strong as their customer support and innovative data analytics products were, they were essentially useless if the customer data provided was slow and inaccurate. As a result, the company pivoted to focus on the “plumbing” of the analytics business, utilizing its expertise in machine learning and data prediction to ingest, cleanse and harmonize data to ensure its accuracy and usability.

Recognizing that data is the client’s most valuable asset, the Beverage Data Exchange and its three core products – Data Integrator, Data Manager and Data Analyzer – makes it easier to share, consume and control your own data. With a pre-built platform of over 1,000 connectors already in place, including suppliers, distributors, retailers and partners, along with a library of 600 types of data transformations including machine learning algorithms to cleanse and harmonize data, Aperity’s Beverage Data Exchange is giving supply chain partners an entirely new way to interact and communicate while improving data governance. The five core tenets of the Beverage Data Exchange include:

Data is owned by Data Exchange members
Members decide what data can be shared
Members have full data visibility and traceability
Members have flexibility to add new supply chain partners
Members deserve to receive accurate data in a timely manner
Key member benefits include proven data accuracy, full data visibility and transparency and enhanced ability to collaborate up and down the supply chain. Members also benefit from the platform’s flexibility including the ease of sharing data among channel partners, the ease of integrating new data and adding new sources, and the ease configuring to an existing network.

“As a long-time client of Aperity and its innovative solutions, we are excited to be an inaugural member of the Beverage Data Exchange,” said Dave Jacobs, Senior IT Manager, Global Commercial Sales for Beam Suntory. “The Beverage Industry has always been a tight-knit community and the Aperity Data Exchange will help us openly collaborate with our global supply chain partners.”

Aperity’s Beverage Data Exchange makes it simple to connect, clean, harmonize and deliver. To learn more about the future of your data on our open, accurate and flexible platform, visit https://aperity.com/.