Art-Glass Product “Et No 1” stops traffic at WSWA

Art-Glass Product “Et No 1” stops traffic at WSWA

The marriage of hand-blown art glass and pre-phylloxera Cognac blend

 Art-Glass Product “Et No 1” stops traffic at WSWAAn innovative new product from Chapters of Ampersand debuted at WSWA last week, literally stopping traffic.  “Et No 1” is a unique combination of hand blown art glass and a prestige blend of Cognacs including a rare pre-phylloxera from 1870.  “It is a work of art that bring a new level of excitement to the industry,” said David Meyers currently CEO of Iceberg Vodka, and formerly CEO of Remy Cointreau US and Moet Hennessy UK.

With an MSRP of $9,000 per unit from a limited production of 300 and North American allocation of only 100 pieces, Et. No 1 offers breathtaking appeal to high end consumers–and extraordinary profitability to retailers. “It’s available only on a special order basis through our hand-picked network of brokers,” said Johan Belin, Founder and President of Chapters of Ampersand.Art-Glass Product “Et No 1” stops traffic at WSWA

Et No 1, which is the first in a series, will appeal to Cognac connoisseurs and art collectors alike.  It brings something new and different to the market that is beyond the common definition of “luxury.”  “Think of it as a pairing of fine art with the craftsmanship of the master distiller in a category-defining way that will appeal to the most profitable target segment of all…very affluent consumers,” added Daviddson.

The striking example of the glass blowers’ art was painstakingly shaped by the hands of masters from the glass foundry and studio in Kosta, Småland and designed, numbered and individually signed by the world-renowned Göran Wärff.  It is presented in a hand-made Swedish oak box with a signed and corresponding numbered certificate of origin from the designer, master distiller and glassmaker.

The Cognac is as unique, rare and collectible as the bottle.  It is a blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie from 1974 and 1943 combined with pre-phylloxera Cognac from 1870.

“We named the company Chapters of Ampersand to communicate that there will be a series of innovative designs marrying spirits and art glass, each one adding to the portfolio, ergo the use of Et No 1 (and Number One) as the name,” concluded Belin.