New Hilton West Palm Beach Welcomes Executive Chef Miguel Santiago

New Hilton West Palm Beach Welcomes  Executive Chef Miguel SantiagoSouth Florida’s Newest Lifestyle Hotel to Lead Culinary Scene With F&B Venues and Creative Options for Group Events 


The new Hilton West Palm Beach, scheduled to open on January 27, 2016, welcomes Executive Chef Miguel Santiago. With more than 20 years of hospitality experience, Santiago brings his culinary prowess to guests looking for farm-to-table cuisine infused with global flavors. The award-winning chef, who has served meals for a multitude of presidents, will work alongside local Signature Chef Matthew Byrne.


“We are thrilled to welcome Miguel as the newest star of our food and beverage team. His expansive knowledge and culinary touches are one-of-a-kind and we know he will be a key asset to keeping Hilton West Palm Beach at the forefront of the dining scene in South Florida alongside Chef Matthew Byrne,” said John L. Parkinson, general manager.


As the Executive Chef for the hotel, he will execute simple yet elevated American cuisine and manage the culinary staff including catering teams for weddings and meeting groups. Boasting a farm-to-fork concept, Santiago will be incorporating fresh, local produce and spices with a touch of creativity. Culinary inspiration is derived from Latin inspired dishes such as black grouper ceviche and grilled mojo wings, among others.


Chef Santiago has been a force in the kitchen and has been creating seasonal meals for two decades. Hailing from Capital Hilton in Washington D.C. where he spent more than two years, Santiago pulls from a robust culinary history with additional positions held at venues such as The El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Puerto Rico and a number of renowned South Florida restaurants and hotels.


“My love for the food began in 1984 when my parents opened a restaurant in Puerto Rico. Now, highlighting my passion for Florida flavors, I am eager to add an element of creativity to menus to welcome guests, groups and locals at Hilton West Palm Beach,” said Miguel Santiago. “My goal is to expand the legacy of quality that has always distinguished Florida cuisine.”


The hotel will be known for its food and service, elevated with the addition of Chef Santiago who plans to enhance a memorable dining experience by incorporating his culinary philosophies and techniques. He will be immersed into the South Florida dining scene and traditions through visits and partnerships with local vendors and farms including many of the landmark markets as inspiration for the creation of innovative menus. Executive Chef Santiago will collaborate with Signature Chef Matthew Byrne to develop notable cuisine for guests, groups and locals.


“Chef Santiago comes to West Palm Beach with an abundance of culinary talent including significant banquets and catering experience. I am excited to work together with him on crafting a unique, top-notch food and beverage program for our guests,” said Matthew Byrne, Signature Chef.


The Hilton West Palm Beach is being developed by Related Companies, the visionaries behind the adjacent CityPlace. Related has long been a pioneer of partnering with best-in-class chefs and restaurant  operators as high traffic energy anchors for its iconic mixed-use projects including CityPlace and Time Warner Center in New York City as well as in its residential offerings throughout the nation.  For more information about Hilton West Palm Beach, please visit


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