Journal of Wine Economics

Journal of Wine EconomicsThe American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) just released a new issue of the  Journal of Wine Economics (JWE) (Vol 10, No 3). This issue has two freely accessible lead articles.

The first one, Craft Beer in the United States: History, Numbers, and Geography by Kenneth Elzinga, Carol Tremblay and Victor Tremblay analyzes the rise in craft brewing in the U.S. As a reference article to the economics of craft brewing it is also accompanied by an extensive database.

The second lead article, Splendide Mendax: False Label Claims About High and Rising Alcohol Content of Wine by Julian Alston, Kate Fuller, James Lapsley, George Soleas and Kabir Tumber, examines the determinants of rising alcohol contents in wine. Why have they risen? Why do winemakers post inaccurate alcohol levels on their labels?

As usual, AAWE members will have full access to all JWE papers through our website. The JWE, published by Cambridge University Press, is also available in more than 3,000 libraries worldwide.

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