Artist Mathias Kiss to Reveal New Mouton Cadet Rooftop Oasis at Cannes

D-29 before the Opening of the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar in Cannes

Artist Mathias Kiss to Reveal New Mouton Cadet Rooftop Oasis at Cannes

Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA is thrilled to announce the return of its Mouton Cadet Wine Bar during the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival, from May 11th to 22nd. In honor of its 25th anniversary at the prestigious festival, Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA has asked Parisian designer, Mathias Kiss, to create a bespoke design for the brand’s rooftop lounge atop the Palais des Festivals. Stars and wine enthusiasts alike will be treated to “The French Art of Living,” in the newly renovated space, and enjoy the exclusive offerings of Mouton Cadet’s wines in a new collector bottle to honor this special anniversary year.


An Official Wine Supplier since 1991, Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA will introduce, “The French Art of Living,” an exciting new theme to celebrate its continued partnership with the Cannes International Film Festival.

The brand has enlisted Mathias Kiss, a rising star in the Art World, to showcase his talent and construct a space indicative of the skilled craftsmanship and contemporary experimentation he’s often recognized for. The celebrated artisan will create a stylish villa on the rooftop of the Palais des Festivals, where every detail from room layout to choice of furniture, and even the sophisticated design of a tailored wine bar, will elegantly showcase the distinct je ne sais quoi of Mouton Cadet.

In keeping with Cannes’ esteemed tradition and festive spirit over the years – a sophisticated mix between timeless French Riviera aura and Hollywood glamour brought by 1950’s American stars – the Parisian designer will incorporate Palm Springs modern architecture with French Art Deco inspiration that promises to take this rooftop to new heights.


During the 12 days of the Festival, the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar will offer world cinema celebrities and wine lovers an intimate an exclusive place, away from the Croisette’s turmoil, to work or relax while enjoying the brand’s exclusive selection of wine. With an exceptional view of both the Mediterranean Sea and the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, the unique locale makes it the most envied spot of the fortnight.


Artist Mathias Kiss to Reveal New Mouton Cadet Rooftop Oasis at CannesA NEW COLLECTOR ITEM: THE 2016 MOUTON CADET LIMITED EDITION CANNES

The Mouton Cadet Wine Bar cast would not be complete without a new limited edition for the Festival. Just like a movie star on the red carpet, the Mouton Cadet bottle has been dressed to the nines to highlight its glamourous silhouette…and taste. This collector item will be served during a variety of events and official dinners during the Festival, and will be further distributed in select countries around the world.  

About Mouton Cadet

Produced by the family-owned French company Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Mouton Cadet was created in 1930 and has remained true to its origins whilst evolving into what has now become the world’s leading brand of Bordeaux AOC wines. Sold in 150 countries around the world, Mouton Cadet has been associated since its creation with exclusive and prestigious events, including the Cannes International Film Festival since 1992. Mouton Cadet is now involved in golf as Official Supplier to the European Tour and to the 2016 & 2018 Ryder Cups.