Bordeaux Women Winemakers Plan First U.S. Tour (March 2020)

A very special delegation of all-women winemakers from Bordeaux is planning a New York take-over in the first week of March 2020. Timed with the launch of Women’s History Month, the new venture — Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles — is set to showcase the collective talent of the women winemakers from this renowned region. Making this extra-special, the featured wines will be poured by the glass from 3-Liter bottles, a rare, double-magnum size.

Ranging from wine bars to Michelin-star restaurants, 65 accounts throughout New York have already signed on to host the visiting winemakers in a weeklong celebration from March 2 to March 8. Each account will pour a selection of wines from 3-Liter bottles, and many are opting to host additional tasting experiences and promotions in honor of Women’s History Month.

“The women winemakers of Bordeaux are a significant force in shaping the future of our region,” says Bernard Farges, President of the Bordeaux Wine Council. “March gives us all the opportunity to reflect on the profound contribution by women in every field and throughout history. This dynamic program captures the true spirit of Bordeaux women and their influence today. It is a first for our region and based on the overwhelming support we have already received from the New York wine community, we hope to keep growing the celebration in years to come.”

Meet the Women Winemakers of Bordeaux
The participating women winemakers from Bordeaux represent the rich diversity of their region and will present a selection of wines from renowned reds to dry and sweet whites. Their wines capture the artistry and depth of various Bordeaux appellations from many different perspectives, including family-owned châteaux and relative newcomers. They include:

o Bernadette Arbo, Château Puyanché
o Youmna Asseily, Château Biac
o Catherine Audoin, Château Moulin de la Roquille
o Juliette Bécot, Château Joanin Bécot
o Marie Courselle, Château Thieuley
o Anabelle Cruse Bardinet, Château Corbin
o Vanessa Cruse Duboscq, Château Laujac
o Clémence de Pourtalès, Château Doyac
o Marine Dubard, Château Dubard Bel-Air
o Emilie Gervoson, Château Larrivet Haut-Brion o Elodie Gilles, Maison Raymond
o Rita Jammet, La Caravelle (Cave Listrac)
o Bérénice Lurton, Château Climens
o Marie-Laure Lurton, Château de Villegeorge
o Caroline Perromat, Château de Cérons
o Pascale Peyronie, Château Fonbadet
o Lucie Secret, Château du Moulin Rouge
o Véronique Smati, Château de Lionne
o Sophie Solnicki-Thierry, Château Fourcas Hosten
o Bérangère Tesseron, Château Larrivaux

Media who are interested in scheduling interviews with the winemakers and receiving more information are invited to contact Stefanie Schwalb (, Emma Mrkonic ( or Helen Gregory (

ABOUT Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.)
Bordeaux Wine Council (C.I.V.B.) was created by the French Law dated August 18, 1948. It unites representatives from the three families in the Bordeaux wine industry: winegrowers, merchants and traders.
The CIVB’s 4 missions:
* Marketing mission: position Bordeaux wines as the brand of reference, create a strong bond between consumers and the Bordeaux brand, recruit new, younger consumers and ensure their loyalty.
* Technical mission: build knowledge, protect the quality of Bordeaux wines and anticipate new requirements related to environmental and food safety regulations.
* Economic mission: provide intelligence on production, the market, the environment and sale of Bordeaux wines around the world.
* The industry’s general interests: protect the terroirs, fight counterfeiting, develop wine tourism.