Attention Chocolate Lovers

Attention Chocolate LoversNational best-selling health and garden author Caleb Warnock and homemade chocolate specialist Julie Peterson team up to showcase the art of homemade hand-dipped treats with “Hand-Dipped: The Art of Creating Chocolates and Confections at Home.”

Want to know how to craft your own delicious chocolate and confectionary treats, but are afraid to try?  Want to spend building your children’s love of rich and luscious real chocolate? “Hand-Dipped” provides techniques and recipes that have been honed through years of experiments and labor. You will begin your transformation into a chocolate professional in no time.

“Hand-Dipped” provides pictures showing the process and the product, helping beginners better their own craft while learning new tips and secrets on almost every page. Caleb and Julie provide unique tips as they teach you how to make homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate fondue, unique lavender fudge, and much more.

“The whole point of eating healthy is deciding what wonderful thing to spend our hard-earned dessert calories on,”  Warnock, a health-centered family man, has said. With “Hand-Dipped,” those dessert calories have found their new best friend. The Attention Chocolate Loversdelicacies within these pages–from decadent truffles to homemade ice cream toppings and hot chocolate–do not disappoint anyone looking for something infinitely better than what they can buy in the store. Health- and delicious-oriented minds meet in the pages of “Hand-Dipped.”

About Caleb Warnock
Caleb Warnock is the national best-selling author of books for gardening and living a self-sustained life. He enjoys living healthy so he can enjoy making and eating delicacies like the ones found in “Hand-Dipped.” Along with providing excellent tips on writing and gardening, Caleb enjoys time with his family. Caleb keeps an active blog about his adventures in writing and gardening at

About Julie Peterson

Attention Chocolate LoversJulie Peterson has never followed a recipe as written since she started cooking at the age of eight–she’s always tweaking recipes to make them that much better. She has studied under the finest cooks, namely her grandmother and great-grandmother. She now practices on her family and neighbors, who don’t seem to complain much. She loves the active life and has completed triathlons, half-marathons, and century bike rides–a must if she is going to keep all the tasting she does from sticking around her sides.